I omission us to get out of the rankroom and into the everyday earth, a short love Socrates walking environing Athens talking to vulgar environing the spirit, force, purport of vivacity, the gods, and politics. So far, we impress learn various of the most weighty works of philosophy (The “Apology,” The “Symposium,” and Plato’s “Cave.”   These works, written environing 399 BCE, mark-out philosophy as the “search for sagacity” and profession us a rational bigwig, Socrates, in renewal.  The three works fit together:  The “Cave” professions us the indecent basic stages of philosophy; the “Apology” professions us Socrates defending himself across the Athenian recognized society; the “Symposium” (extract) professions us a short past environing the sameness and achievements of Socrates. For our forum, I omission you to go into your fraternity and perceive a intelligent peculiar—someone you impress has excellent sagacity.  While I omission you to oceantain the rank representative in intellect, I omission you to mark-out sagacity for yourself.  It can be notability tolerably basic:  my postman strength direct sagacity owing he is enduring and advantageous to the fraternity;  my vicar strength direct sagacity owing of his spiritual control and leadership; my girlfriend strength impress sagacity owing she knows how to direct our intercommunity through troublous times;  Kawhi Leonard strength impress sagacity owing of his suspend and dignity; President Trump strength impress sagacity owing he omissions to establish the United States grand again.  It’s up to you to elect your framework and values. Cover quibble.  All submissions in PH 1010 should impress a overspread quibble.  The overspreadquibble should say the assignment, novice info, a denomination directing your ocean conception, an conception directing your ocean conception.  (Message:  your monograph should impress a unifying ocean conception).2. Paragraph 1: Identify who you gard is intelligent and why.  Your discourse or ocean conception should go short.3. Paragraph 2.  Identification.  Who?  Where?  Your adjunction delay the peculiar?4. Paragraph 3 or paragraphs 3-5.  Three reasons why this peculiar is intelligent5. In #4, you should impress at last two biased, indurated examples: “Last week on June 6, President Trump professioned sagacity when he spoke of the heroes of D-Day…”6. Brief misrecord.  “In summary….” Optional and extra-credit:  A few photos for tenor.