Physics Word Problems

Answer the subjoined problems. 1. Pistons are apt to two cylindrical chambers alike through a dull tube to contrive a hydraulic arrangement. The piston chambers and the connecting tube are populated after a while an incompressible infiltratey. The cross-sectional areas of piston 1 and piston 2 are A1 and A2, respectively. A nerve F1 is exerted on piston 1. Rank the minor nerve F2 on piston 2 that results from the combinations of F1, A1, and A2 yieldn from principal to lowest. If any of the combinations afford the similar nerve, yield them the similar ranking. (Use solely ">" or "=" symbols. Do not apprehend any parentheses encircling the lore or symbols.) F1 = 6.0 N; A1 = 1.1 m2; and A2 = 2.2 m2 F1 = 3.0 N; A1 = 1.1 m2; and A2 = 0.55 m2 F1 = 3.0 N; A1 = 2.2 m2; and A2 = 4.4 m2 F1 = 6.0 N; A1 = 0.55 m2; and A2 = 2.2 m2 F1 = 6.0 N; A1 = 0.55 m2; and A2 = 1.1 m2 F1 = 3.0 N; A1 = 2.2 m2; and A2 = 1.1 m2 2. A bicycle dispirit cross-examine has a piston after a while area 0.49 in2. If a individual exerts a nerve of 24 lb on the piston while inflating a dispirit, what exigency does this yield on the air in the cross-examine? psi= 3. A extensive exchange dispirit is cheered to a probe exigency of 82 psi. The entirety area of one aspectwall of the dispirit is 1,330 in2. What is the net external nerve (in lb) on the aspectwall consequently of the air exigency? (Enter the concretion.) lb= 4. A viewing window on the aspect of a extensive tank at a exoteric aquarium measures 59 in. by 69 in. The medium probe exigency from the infiltrate is 7 psi. What is the entirety external nerve on the window? lb= 5. The entirety concretion of the hydrogen gas in the Hindenburg zeppelin was 18,000 kg. What capacity did the hydrogen possess? (Assume that the sphere of the hydrogen was 0°C and that it was at a exigency of 1 atm.) m3= 6. A extensive balloon used to specimen the conspicuous clime is populated after a while 590 m3 of hydrogen. What is the concretion of the hydrogen (in kg)? kg= 7. Find the probe exigency (in psi) at the sole of a freshinfiltrate swimming pool that is 18.6 ft obscure. psi= 8. The profundity of the Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Trench is 36,198 ft. What is the probe exigency at this profundity? psi= 9. An ebony log after a while capacity 15.0 ft3 is obscure in infiltrate. What is the elastic nerve on it (in lb)? (Enter the concretion.) lb= 10. An emptiness storage tank has a capacity of 9,490 ft3. What is the elastic nerve exerted on it by the air? (Assume the air is at 0°C and 1 atm.) lb= 11. A modern-day zeppelin holds 9,770 m3 of helium. Compute its utmost payload at sea dullten. (Assume the helium and air to be at 0°C and 1 atm.) N= 12. A boat (after a while a dull sole) and its burden investigate 6,400 N. The area of the boat's sole is 5 m2. How far underneath the demeanor of the infiltrate is the boat's sole when it is unordered in infiltrate? m= 13. A flake learns 378 N when a lot of hearty is relying from it. What does it learn (in N) when it is lowered so that the hearty is obscure in infiltrate? N= 14. A dentist's chair after a while a individual in it investigates 2000 N. The output plunger of a hydraulic arrangement starts to upheave the chair when the dental assistant's sole exerts a nerve of 44 N on the input piston. Neglecting any discord in the heights of the piston and the plunger, what is the harmony of the area of the plunger to the area of the piston? Aplunger/Apiston =  15. The wing of an airplane has an medium cross-sectional area of 13 m2 and experiences a upheave nerve of 91,000 N. What is the medium discord in the air exigency among the top and sole of the wing? N/m2= 16. Air flows through a heating duct after a while a clear cross-section after a while 9-inch aspects at a press of 4.1 ft/s. Just precedently reaching an egress in the foundation of a admission, the duct widens to appropriate a clear cross-section after a while aspects similar to 15 inches. Compute the press of the air fluent into the admission (in ft/s), assuming that we can write the air as an incompressible infiltratey. ft/s= 17. A metal bowl after a while a investigatet of 1.45 N is placed in a extensiver kitchen container populated after a while olive oil. How greatly olive oil must the bowl remove in ordain to transport? For allusion, the concretion inobservance of olive oil is encircling 910 g/liter and its investigatet inobservance is encircling 8.92 N/liter. Please yield your response in liters. liters=