Please Use At Least 3-5 Paragraphs To Finish This Assignment

  Journal Prompt for Sex and Gender Consider these gender wage gap issues: there is a demonstrated wage gap incomplete the inhabitants hired to effect on presidential campaigns the US women's open soccer team has filed assist in-reference-to the atrocious gender wage gap in salaries See the tenets beneath for details. Presidential Campaigns and the gender pay gap (Links to an palpable position.)  The pay gap in functional soccer (Links to an palpable position.)  Why is there a gender wage gap? Based on your decipherings, how would sociologists expound these disparities? Do you accept any particular experiences that aid you tell to this? Does it astonish you? requst Use Career Symbolical Specifically describe to career concepts in your argument using symbolical from assigned decipherings, videos and/or argument.  This proof is amalgamateed to a Learning OutcomeConnect Career Symbolical to Your Experience Write encircling connections you see betwixt the career symbolical and your career experiences. You can as-well tell career concepts to things you see, heed or decipher encircling in the resources (if you do this, let me perceive where you fix the resources, i.e. NYTimes on 8/19 and comprise a amalgamate to the designation or web page so I can repress it out too!)