Power point

Presenting Evaluation Findings to Stakeholders In their negotiative roles, counselors undertake in relationships after a while other anthropological employment providers and use strategies for interagency/interorganization collaboration and despatch to execute advancements for clients. After reviewing the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations multimedia interest prior in this item, form a 10-slide PowerPoint that could be used for presenting the results of your contingently program evaluation sketch, if you were operative to push it out. Post your offer for dilate and hearsay feedback by your peers. Your offer should conceive the forthcoming slides: Program Description (name, mission, stakeholders, and unreserved favor). Program Evaluation (type and methods used). Populations Served (including implications for cultural considerations). Counseling Services Provided (types of programs, such as after-school groups, originator command, et cetera). Needs Assessment (contingently assessments to detail needs and their results). Outcome/Impact Evaluation (contingently results obtained from administration of chosen measures). Conclusions of the Evaluation (contingently results encircling what is prosperous and what needs advancement). Ethical Use of Results (sparing encircling the impression of findings). Recommendations to Stakeholders. References. My program is encircling (The population that my purpose pertain to is AA males between the ages of 13-17, who entertain suicide thoughts, and discouragement. The area of moment is suicide ideation and discouragement. The clinical interference that procure be used is BDI-II this schedule )