Power Point

As soundness heed leaders, it is influential to discern that soundness heed is totally a dynamic scene. Its regular fluctuates are a fruit of persistent tends in order, prudence, resigned and provider eulogy efforts, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as increasingly abrupt technology and perseverance benchmarking guidelines.  Address the notification under as it pertains to your subject-matter “Analyze the application of technology on how soundness heed services are delivered. The application of technology on employee work, constructional building, and administration planning may as-well-mannered be considered”, in an view to ten slide (excepting distinction and intimation slides) PowerPoint exhibition. Be secure to comprise all of the subjoined influences under:  1)  Changes in client characteristics 2)  Regulation of the soundness heed perseverance  3)  Reimbursement patterns and mandates  4)  Restructuring of soundness heed constructions  5)  Impact of technology  6)  Ongoing gregarious and ghostly factors 7)  Your exhibition should finish delay a compendium describing the subjoined concerns:  o  Overall, why should soundness heed managers be known of this fluctuate and tend?  o  What application does this tend feel on the stakeholder groups confused (e.g., resigneds, providers, administrators, third-party payers, legislators, etc.) for a favoring construction bounded (e.g., for emolument, nonprofit, hospital, outresigned clinic, nursing residence, etc.). Your exhibition must comprise specific speaker’s notes (i.e., at smallest 150 opinion) for each slide as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as a incompleteness of one to two prevalent, scholarly web sources.  Due 4/9/20 @9AM Eastern