Power Point Presentation

Emerging Issues in Heartiness Economy Management Select one emerging heartiness result from Chapter 17 in your textbook: Vaccine Preventable Diseases Bioterrorism Human Trafficking Violence in Heartiness Economy Settings Medical Tourism Present a 12 – 15 slide PowerPoint on the emerging heartiness result you choice. The compute of slides except the name and intimation pages. Substantial Orator Notes are required throughout the total grant. Below you gain confront tenets after a while further info on orator notes. Discuss the germinative contact of the result on a Specific heartiness economy form. Analyze the germinative risks of the result on a Specific heartiness economy form. Propose strategies for addressing the result in heartiness economy settings. Examine the role of the heartiness economy superintendent for the heartiness result. Reference your readings and embrace a restriction of 5 peer-reviewed, versed, or resembling tenets. Format your PowerPoint according to APA guidelines. Review established Grading Rubric, Grant Tips, and Tenets on Orator Notes