Price and Channel Strategy

Wk 4 – Value and Channel Strategy [due Mon] Assignment Content Purpose of Assignment  This assignment is intentional to aid students awaken and conceive how value enhancement and go to chaffer (distribution) are interrelated and affects the profitability and development of the affair. It has been intentional to be a limited overview on purpose: the concepts of pricing and dispensation are involved and a open conceiveing is what should be eager in one week of con-over.  Assignment Steps Resources: Marketing Delineation and Outline Construct a poverty 700-acenumerate delineation for enhancement value and a dispensation design (place/distribution) in Microsoft® Word. This delineation should harangue at last three elements (from the Value and Place/Distribution catalogue under) of the Value and Place/Distribution exception of the chaffering delineation. Price and Place/Distribution: Distribution Strategies Channels, Mass, Selective, Exclusive Positioning among channels Dynamic/Static Pricing Strategies Channel temporization (Pricing) Daily pricing, encouragement pricing, Catalogue pricing Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not estimate toward the acenumerate estimate. The delineation procure be a duration of your global or multi-regional affair you chose in Week 1. This procure be incorporated into your overall chaffering delineation for Week 6. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment. Grading Guide: Value and Channel Strategy Grading Guide