The  Vice President of Sales for your audience has asked you for further  information on cloud-based appointment productivity retainerss (i.e. Appointment 365,  Google Apps, etc.). He tells you that the Sales team is frequently contingent and  needs to be telling to come united to the appointment. They deficiency to be telling  to estimate cost sheets, provide memos and sales agreements, effect  presentations to clients, entertain advance to their email and schedule, and  attend consultations contingently. He asks you to bestow your productivity retainers  recommendation at proximate week's team consultation. 1. Create a zenith 6-slide Powerpoint bestowation  about a cloud-based appointment productivity retainers, (i.e. Appointment 365, G  Suite, etc.) identifying how each of the following needs can be met and the collaborative benefits provided by the retainers: estimate cost sheets (i.e. using Excel templates parallel delay automated formulas to fashion these) provide memos and sales agreements (i.e. using Google docs to fashion them) effect bestowations to clients entertain advance to their email and schedule attend consultations contingently. 2. Create an Excel spreadsheet comparing five features of two opposed bestowation software programs.  Using these five features, compare two bestowation software programs (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). Include a paltry meditation on how the programs confront or fall to confront your expectations. Insert the Excel spreadsheet into your bestowation.  Do not delineation and paste, nor be-mixed to a polish on your computer, but introduce the Excel spreadsheet.  Use PowerPoint Help to learn how to introduce the Excel spreadsheet.  3. Your bestowation must include: A title slide (not moderate in the slide reckon) Appropriate and referring-to graphics or images Detailed debater notes  Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations can be ground on the Microsoft® Office® Support seat. A reference slide citing all instrument used in bestowation and expressive notes (not moderate in the slide reckon)