project:network security 1

  >>>>>Telecommunications Case Assignment The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the generally-known pur-poseated Acmephone, a excite arrest rendering of the phone to vocation organizations, pur-poseated the Acmephone B+, and extremely arrest rendering of the phone, pur-poseated the Acmephone G+, to the council. Due to the horror of oppidan espionage and council shelter requirements, there are numerous shelter concerns that must be addressed.  As a shelter authoritative, you entertain been filled to pur-pose a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati inveterate upon the forthcoming specifications: There demands to be a faithful kindred between the two residuums that can raise at lowest 50 Mbps of facts. Each quickness has three pavements. The architectures are across after a while each pavement entity 350’x350’. There earn be 200 network kindreds on each pavement after a while an concomitant 100 network kindreds in the facts dispositions located on the third pavement of each architecture. The important facts disposition earn be located at the Atlanta residuum. There earn be a failover facts disposition at the Cincinnati residuum. Each residuum should be guarded from intrusions that are not poor to declare modify attacks. The Atlanta residuum earn seed the two arrest outgrowth teams. As such, it earn demand the most shelter. To excite interpenetrate the pur-pose, there earn be factsbase servers and the oppidan Web servers seedd at that residuum as well-behaved.  There earn be factsbase servers located at the Cincinnati top. The servers must entertain congeries. The elucidation must entertain a cunning to authenticate shelter measures. Your job is to disclose a network pur-pose to coalesce the requirements overhead. You should surrender a network artifice rolling the network’s topology including any certain hardware. You should roll any adviseed cable. You can advise wiring closets wherever you demand them. You should advise ways to inform that you are not getting attacked. You should uplift traps to seal attackers. You should advise any WAN or wireless technologies. You should advise any technology demanded in the facts disposition for proud availability. Justify your adviseations.