We are going to accept our leading experiment after a while mate education today!  I accept noticed that my students accept multifarious competencies.  Two of these competencies compromise 1) nature efficacious to teach others and 2) making expressive contributions to dispose by sharing notice after a while each other. This week we are going to institute on your competencies by having each of you effect a donation to the dispose.        momentous dates.jpg  I conquer specify each of you one week to a alien of months of prenatal harvest (for example: sense to implantation, 1-4 weeks, 4-8 weeks etc...). Please engender a donation/lecture using PowerPoint or Prezi that explains what happens during your specifyed weeks/months of prenatal harvest. Remember that you need to afford propaganda roll notification to the dispose so that they can know the concepts of harvest compromised in that class.  1.  Show a draw or video of to that class.  2.  Describe what happens in that class. What is currently forming? What is done forming?  3.  Is this class the momentous date for the shape of everything? Is there any import or illness that is specially injurious during this class