public health

 For this assignment you allure choice a soundness subject that you are vehement encircling, agree a resume of any encomium results allied to this soundness subject, and transcribe encomium lore to the after a whilehold conclusion makers. This assignment consists of two deliverables:  1.) A dirty (2 page) title of a soundness subject including why you are choosing to pleader for it as an result, axioms to defend need, prevalent encomium efforts and your recommended actions. 2.) At smallest one encomium communication to conclusion-maker/stakeholder advocating for your result after a while recommendations  *Description of subject: What is the subject being discussed? Why is this an result? What statistics buttress this as a general soundness result?  At smallest 2 references must be used to exhibition weight. *  Decision makers :Who are the conclusion makers?How did you identify them?In what ways can they help your cause?   *Advocacy lore: Was the right knowledge conveyed in the communication(who you are, what you are letter encircling,statistics,etc.), was the right calculate of lore sent (depends on subject and calculate of conclusion makers).  * Letter and Grammar:  Use APA style referencing throughout paper and include a reference page after a while all references used in APA fashion.   * subjects include:  • Maternal,infant, child soundness  • School soundness classes/programs  • Soundness disparities  • ATOD(opioid crisis,marijuana government, needle substitute,seed-plot binge drinking, alcohol advertisements,etc.) • Health care