Public Health LAw Powerpoint

You entertain been remunerated as an associate to the social bloom official for the avow. The budget deficit has contacted your avow, and delay elections exalted on the inventory of worries, legislators are unquiet about their social vision and are contemplating reducing the social bloom budget for the avow. You are being asked to arrange a introduction to incline legislators not to cut social bloom spending. Select a social bloom program/service that obtain be contacted by a recently projected avow budget cut. Prepare a PowerPoint introduction to incline legislators not to cut social bloom funding. Give the cost/benefit of the social bloom program/service, the expected contact of the projected cut, and close delay an resource scheme. The introduction should entertain a minimum of 15 slides (not including the intimation slides). Notes should be give delay each slide describing the notice on the slide. Provide sustaining notice. Use charts, graphs, and other visuals. Please perform positive to give some avow and topical basis of the class that obtain be contacted by the cuts. Assignment Expectations Length: Case Assignment should be at lowest 15 slides, not counting intimation slides.