This assignment consists of three parts: (1) Sketch a learning artfulness using notice learning for each of the subjoined.  Be unfailing to teach the act you would use: A non-profit structure wants to inferiorstand what Facebook posts are likely to be commented on, prevailing, or shared by stakeholders. An magistrate of a superior fixed food restaurant wants to inferiorstand how crave a customer has to continue to get their direct. The direct is placed within the restaurant, not in the drive-thru. A learninger wants to inferiorstand if the role portrayal of African American women in store advertisements has progressive balance the elapsed 15 years. (2)  Go to the discipline library from your residence page. Examine the pilot to first and subordinate springs to see what is serviceable. This can be rest inferior LibGuides → Learning Process → First and Subordinate Resources. Then go tail to the residence page and seem scroll through the postulatesbases serviceable (See A-Z postulatesbases) to fix postulates to confutation the subjoined questions: (a) Does there answer to be a kindred among adult internet usage and age among 2000 and 2018? (b) Has the stroke of postulates breaches in the health/medical sector increased in the definite five years? In each instance, teach your rationale. Be restricted. While you cannot use consultations and/or figures from another spring outside copyright endurance, you are open to invent your own to patronage your misrecord. Be unfailing to refer-to the spring of the consultation/figure using APA formatting. (3) Comment on the fitness of notice and/or subordinate postulates for the bulk of the concepts identified in your learning questions. Teach your rationale.    Length: Your monograph should be at last 5 pages if the consultation and/or figures are middle. This does not enclose the heading and regard page. You are encouraged to bring-about conducive use of consultations and/or figures in your gift. References: Enclose a narrowness of three (3) erudite springs. Your gift should explain diligent importance of the ideas and concepts presented in the route and contribute new thoughts and insights of promptly to this question. Your tally should advert erudite congeniality and running APA standards.