Questions 1-3

   Question: 1  According to the lections this week (essentially the identical topic as ultimate week, but now you are protected delay particular grounds I expected to see calld in your support), did the support 9/11 Repartee Policies (HSPD-5, NIMS, NRP) toil successfully during the repartee to Hurricane Katrina? (Cite Particular Examples from the lections – Command and Control Chapter - House Hurricane Katrina Report & (Buck, Trainor & Aguirre, 2006))   Question: 2 Read the time by Bigley and Roberts (2001). They fulfill immodest structural mechanisms of the ICS that carry to reliability in distillable environments. Depict each of these mechanisms. Based on your particular cognizance from lection environing Hurricane Katrina, excall one of these mechanisms and depict if it was successfully populated, failed, or was not implemented? Question: 3 Read the Module I Commentary and the time -Kirby, E. (2010). A conceptual type for dubious stood separation. Journal of Dubious Stood Analysis, 1(1), 3-16.  Examine the specification for dubious stoods used in this plan and the time. How do the specifications be-unlike?  Examine the conceptual type for the consider of dubious stoods delayed in the time.  What are the components of the type, which do you meditate is most main?  Why?  Questions barely no style page. Answer each partially using APA format at last 350 vote each.  Properly call sources.