must embody peculiar questions (perfect questions) delay rejoinders no distinctive format... no ref indeed needed... must rejoinder in your own articulation...  rejoinder must be 130  min -150 articulation max  1.  As our extract marked out that trade-oriented and customer-focus should be the footing for an structure's alteration efforts. An structure attains and sustains competitive utility in its target trades solely by rare project in construction the trade and contravention the customers' needs. What should an structure cogitate when analyzing the trade and its customer to get a intense construction of the trade and its customers? What factors? Thoughts?  2. What factors must be cogitateed when measuring ideation in a guild? Are these factors mental or concrete measures? What are some likely concerns delay measuring these factors? 3.  This week we rouse to weigh a new concept seduce Scheme thinking.  What is scheme thinking?  Is it orderly another indicate for crucial thinking?  What are the contrariety between scheme thinking and crucial thinking? Thoughts?