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 For this assignment you are required to sit down for a conference delay someone whose divine oneness differs from your own (this media that if you fulfill as Christian, for copy, you should invent a conference associate who does not fulfill as such). The resolve of this application is for you to gain delay someone else in conference. That media that you achieve not solely ask questions, but you achieve hopefully vindication questions about your own assents, as well-mannered.    1200 words (not including address page or references page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page References page (narrowness of 2 versed fountain)   Describe your conference associate's assents. Some things to revolve involve the following: What are the esthetic expressions of their legend (statues, paintings, silence, etc.)? Do they see any encounter among the ordinary assents of their legend and their own assents? Based on your associate's title, which assumption of the commencement of ghostly (Week 1) offers the best exposition for their similarity to theology? What challenges can your associate fulfill that their divine legend faces in the new-fangled cosmos-people? Do they impress that their legend is responding unconditionally? Is the legend focused on assent (orthodoxy) or comportment (orthopraxis)? Apply the 8 elements of theology from Week 1. Provide some cultural and unvarnished texture for the divine legend of your conference associate. (It is influential that you do some exploration antecedently you accept your conference so that you are efficient to ask certified questions that succeeding from natural cause.) Make permanent you use citations in your argument of what you erudite from your exploration. Compare your associate’s assents and usages to your own divine upbringing and/or floating usage. This is to be done in the description not as a question delay your associate. Conclude delay your indivisible reaction to this trial and any added questions that came up succeeding your conference. Be kind!