Research paper

   Description: Banking Domain This is solely example Create a spurious gang that uses  · Email (twain encrypted and not),  · Hash values to establish documents,  · Databases that store o oppidan perceptive / proprietary information o employee payroll, vigor records, etc. o vendor information o merit card information o other items as robust by the stamp of gang These are main topics You accomplish want to perfect the forthcoming:  · What ruleology accomplish you use to guard the grounds? · What are the biggest challenges faced by companies using encryption? · What are sordid attacks and how accomplish you guard resisting them? · How entertain other congruous companies dealt after a while this and after a while what results? · How accomplish you test the rule you cull? · What are the expected outcomes? · What new rules may be on the horizon that accomplish succor this toil? Please voicelessness the forthcoming criteria: Research paper: Research Paper must be in APA Style Research Paper must entertain at last 5 works cited      of which 2 must be co-ordinate reviewed works/articles (voicelessness your work can be      included as a allusion) Must be at last 10  double-spaced pages after a while test 1 inch      margins. • 6 – 8 pages of prose • Limit the reckon of bulleted lists • Prose + charts + figures = 10 pages Total declaration should be 13 pages