Rhetorical Analysis of “This is Not a Sex Panic”

Using the Toulmin mode, irritate the dispute substance made in the period "This is Not a Sex Panic." https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/01/this-is-not-a-sex-panic/550547/ 1)What is the creator's assertion? Was the assertion free? Was the assertion independent or was a qualifier used? 2)What are the creator's reasons? (Remember the Reason(s) are linked to the assertion by the engagement "because"). Are the reasons oft or fortified? 3)What testimony does the creator afford to foundation his assertion and reasons? Is the testimony oft or fortified? Too ample pathos/anecdotal testimony? Not abundance logos/hard axioms? 4)What opposed-arguments did the creator bestow? Did he prproffer a fortified rebuttal to the opposed dispute(s) or was the rebuttal oft? Were there opposed-arguments the creator should keep considered? 5)What warrants (underlying assumptions) did you perceive in the creator’s dispute? Were the warrants recurrent or unrecurrent in the dispute? Are there problematic warrants, things the creator usurps the he or she shouldn’t usurp? 6) What do you impress are the overall strengths and oftnesses of the dispute? In other engagements, are you infallible or not? Why? Answer each inquiry partially NOT essay format.