senior capstone

  You accept proportioned graduated from the AIU Online Felonious Right program and acquired your romance walk launched after a while the National Felonious Right Reference Service (NCJRS). You charity to transcribe tenets of felonious proportionedice concern, and consequently the NCJRS provides links to millions and millions of felonious proportionedice references, you furnish yourself in awe of your walk. For your pristine assignment, you accept been asked to offer a repute at an upcoming felonious proportionedice contravention. This repute conciliate aid your colleagues improve comprehend how databases, technology, policies, and so forth assume the government of proportionedice and the end of flatter cases in detail. Your luxuriance coordinator expects you to highlight divers examples of how felonious proportionedice databases, computer technology, and policies accept radical the way in which crimes are investigated and how feloniouss are brought to proportionedice. Pick 2 of the aftercited databases, and discourse how technology tools and policies accept radical the juridical landscape in the United States in a 3–4-page paper:  Fingerprint analysis DNA databases Ballistics testing Tire-tread analysis Tracking of iljuridical pornographic images Modus operandi databases Three-strikes laws Gun restrain laws The USA PATRIOT Act Megan’s law Domestic injustice laws The exclusionary rule Lie detectors Inmate designation systems Truth-in-sentencing laws