Short Written Assignment: Music and the Brain Submit Assignment

Watch the streaming video "Music of the Brain" and debate the role of voice in shaping the anthropological brain? You insufficiency to call two unfair examples/quotes from the video delay the timing that they occurr in your acquiescence (e.g. at 1:02 in the video Dr. Sarah Wilson debatees...). This assignment should be a narrowness of 250 language in extension and your thoughts and opinions. This assignment is submitted via Turnitin and gain be checked for plagiarism using a database of previously submitted assignments and internet sources. Make abiding you bear reviewed the exemplification inextensive written assignment in the "START HERE" module to see what I'm looking for in reverence to format and full. Don't obliviate to frequently enclose a works calld page for any written assignment in this continuity in restitution to any in-text attributions and citations delayin paragraphs. Citation for the adown video: f-reel pty ltd. “Music of the Brain.” YouTube, uploaded by Chabot TV, 22 Aug.      2013,