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   All factssets used in the drift set can be located at: Blackboard Problems Set 4 Post a)  Perconstruct for all facts sets: BBValues, NBAValues, SoccerValues: i) Construct a strew devise and interrelation coefficient between annual proceeds and prize despite teams. ii) Use an Ordinary Least Squares return type to revere coefficients for b0 and b1. iii) Express your results in functional equation construct using the equation construction utensil in Word. iv) Interpret the coefficients and how they recount to the idea: valuation of a sports team is straightway recountd to, or explained by, the total of proceedss generated.  v) Interpret R2 in relation to urbanity of fit of the type. vi) Perconstruct a residual resolution, do the facts disturb assumptions of the type? (1) Include residual devises, expert devises, and normality devises. vii) Interpret the p-values (t-test) and self-reliance intermission reveres.  viii) Write a stipulation describing your findings despite variables. (1) Describe any generalizations that endure despite factssets, any overall trends observed. Please suggest all the answers in WORD instrument.  For circumspection regard, the Excel also has to be suggestted.