Study questions

3-5 paragrphs for each doubt delay 2 refs 1)There enjoy been a reckon of cases in which nursing residence patients died as a effect of carelessness.   What are some of the causes of nursing residence deaths? Should the nursing residence be held compulsory? Should the nursing staff be held compulsory? Who is chargeable on? What do you reflect the price should be for deaths that effect from carelessness?  2)You enjoy been asked to have-a-share in a national radio program to  address the role of corrections in the brotherhood. The auditory is  specifically animated in discussing whether corrections should be  focused on one or all of the aftercited functions:   Punishment of offenders  After carefully regarding conducive counsel and aims of aim  on the material, run which role you love should be the standaim of the  community's corrections prudence. To order for the program, make 5  questions you love callers may ask. Explain your aim of aim on the  role of corrections in the immoral integrity regularity to each of the  questions asked, and induce a affinity to the question you are researching  for this line. How do issues in corrections correlate delay the question  you are researching?