Systems Development Life Cycle Presentation

 Review the Pine Valley Furniture Company Background in Ch. 3, p. 40 of your textbook, set in the Wk 1 Learning Activities folder.    Imagine you labor for Pine Valley Furniture. The consideration is regarding starting a webstore and does not apprehend what is complicated in developing a new classification. You own been asked to offer to the consideration of directors to acceleration them apprehend what to wait-for.    Prepare a 12- to 16-slide offeration to the consideration after a while logician notes and instrument such as graphics or tables.    Explain why it is grave to use classifications resolution and design methodologies when fabric a classification. Justify why not to “just build the classification” in whatever way appears to be “quick and unconstrained.”    Review the criteria for primeing off-the-shelf software offered in Ch. 2. Identify affixed criteria that are, or capacity be, used to prime off-the-shelf software.    Consider if the exquisite was betwixt resource prescription software developers rather than prewritten packages. Identify the criteria that would be alienate to prime and assimilate incompact competing bidders for prescription outgrowth of an contact. Be knowing to little designate each of these criteria.    Briefly condense the design superintendence manner. Explain which of the four phases of the design superintendence manner you conceive is most challenging and how you can ease the risks for that stage