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I must possess ORIGINAL product after a while 1 or 2 up to limit references. each argument questions can possess 250 WORDS after a while 1 or 2 fresh references. week 7 argument    Union Legal Implications and Legal Influences" Determine whether you are pro-junction or anti-union. Provide a rationale for your repartee. Determine the appurtenancy of the aftercited acts today: The Norris-La Guardia Act, The National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act, and The Labor Treatment Relations (Taft-Hartley) Act. Provide three (3) peculiar examples to foundation your situation on the prevalent appurtenancy of these aforementioned acts. week 8 argument   "Centralized Bargaining and Gain Tactics" Create two (2) unimportant scenarios: one (1) in which treatment would elect centralized bargaining and one (1) in which the junction would elect centralized bargaining. Provide a rationale for your repartee. Examine the main implications of disingenuous bargaining actions on the gain latitude. Suggest two (2) actions that an employer could obtain?} opposing an employee in manage to alleviate the possibility of interesting in disingenuous gain diplomacy.