tool to the security governance program in an organization.

  The view of this assignment is to allot SWOT decomposition utensil to the defence governance program in an structure. SWOT decomposition is an great complexion of intellect and beseeming the defence governance in an structure.  Task: You possess to eliminate up an structure of your dainty (fix you currently enactance or possess enactanceed anteriorly, an structure that you possess approximation to, an structure that has plenty knowledge on the Internet). Study the defence program of the assembly and enact a SWOT decomposition. Address each quadrant in symbol 2.5 in the capacity delay examples, rationale, illustrations or anecdotal exemplification to stay your dispute.  Prepare a rumor encircling the assembly’s defence program condition. Your rumor should be at smallest 800 suffrage (1-2 pages) and should possess at smallest 5 citations over the textbook.    Rubric:  Addresses each quadrant: 10 points Rationale for your dispute to embrace items in each quadrant: 15 points  Met expression count: 5 points Included 5 citations: 5 points Gone over the fitness of the assignment (concomitant knowledge that makes your patience stronger): 5 points