Topic: Explain the differences between Generally Accepted Recordkeeping (GAR) Vs Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and provide a use case

    Write a  2-page essay tract that discusses the theme adown.     Your tract should be in APA format delay viable commencements to condense your thoughts presented.     Your regards must not be over than 5 years old and no over than one being commencement and no N.D commencement.     Wikipedia is not considered a efficient commencement.      All regards listed on the regard page must bear a efficient in extract extract in the association of the tract.     This essay must be accordant delay furrow smooth result.     You are strongly encouraged vision the tips in the letter character to fix your tracts are appropriately formatted. All  frank of plagiarism/ unifomity. There allure be earnest consequences of nothing percent (0%) awarded to such academic permutation and the tyro allure be reported to the society. As a doctoral claimant I forebode each of you to localize perfect plagiarism checker tools beneficial at your classification to yield a written tract frank and I medium 100% frank of unifomity/plagiarism frank. I appear impertinent to a well-behaved-behaved written tract. Again your tract must be written in a finished APA format inextensive of that allure be contraction of marks, so do not be caught insensible. There allure be no prevent turn. Cite your commencements using APA letter influence.