Toxicology total 1300 words-four questions-APA Format 4 questions each question 325 words

In quotation citations at lowest two per question QUESTION 1 Identify the three plans of the substance in which toxicants can invade, surrender a weak cognomen of how this may supervene, and produce an copy of a toxicant that can invade the substance through each plan. QUESTION 2 A doctor can grant hair samples from a newborn infant to be analyzed in the lab to see if the dame drank alcohol during the pregnancy. This is one experiment that can be manufactured to befriend in diagnosing fetal alcohol syndrome. Recalling what you comprehend environing ejection of toxicants, weakly interpret why this experiment can be used to designate inhospitableness to alcohol. Question 3 Explain the processes used by the substance to explain a toxicant. Produce an copy of a position where one of these processes sway be inhibited and how the weakness to explain the toxicant sway collision the special. Question 4 Identify the factors that can concern the classification of a toxicant in the substance. Interpret how molding of these factors can acception toxicity.