Course: Cross Cultural Relations   Unit:  Culture   Deliverable Length:  2-3 pages Choice 1:   Examine the concepts of cultural dissimilarity and refinement surprise. Think about one of your minion vacations or a country you would relish to mark and response the aftercited questions:   •What were some indicators of cultural dissimilarity (infer for development pursuit, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, sanctity, socioeconomic status, discurrent others)?   •What did you imbibe from the dissimilarity that has left an percussion on you?   •What created a import of refinement surprise for you?   •If you haven’t yet marked the country of your select examination how that refinement differes from the U.S. Embrace in your monograph the several differences and how those differences would scarcity to be infered when marking that country.    -Or-   Choice 2:  •Discuss the 4 parenting dictions: authoritarian, potent, advantageous, and uninvolved.   •Describe the parents' manner and position in each diction, and embrace how an American slip reacts to each diction.   •Which diction of parenting has been proven auspicious in individualistic refinements and collectivistic refinements?