Using the UCR tables from 2015 (, CREATE a mock cross-tabulation table in MS Word depicting a minimum of 3 variables; no statistical formulas are necessary for this exercise.

Using the UCR boards from 2015 (, CREATE a deceive cross-tabulation board in MS Word depicting a narrowness of 3 capriciouss; no statistical formulas are inevitable for this practice. Notes: 1) Scanning, amid the SARA rule, focuses on identifying recurring drifts of sorrow to twain the general and the police, prioritizing those drifts, and selecting drifts for closer evidence     2) Scanning to-boot focuses on confirming that the drift exists and identifying the consequences of the drift     3) Youth resting out at unswerving food places is an development of Incivilities drift comportment in a recreational environment     4) A larceny at restaurant parking lots, as courteous as thefts from vehicles on residential streets are developments of a Predatory emblems of drift comportment in general environments;     5) Assaults at a school dormitory is an development of Conflict drift comportment in a residential environment     6) The reckon of cases in each command of a capricious is considered Number     7) Cross-tabulation examines number of two capriciouss at uninterruptedly.     8) The reckon of one command separated by the reckon of all categories of a capricious various by 100 is a Percent     9) One capricious is used to state the not-absolute unlikeness between appraises of another capricious is considered Rate     10) The appraise delay the foremost number amid a capricious is the command     11) The SARA rule is material rudiment of twain sympathy policing and drift-oriented policing.     12) Long-term drifts exact a long-term adit to twain decomposition and confutation, owing the drifts addressed are over deep.        13) By specifying the comportments associated delay a drift, the enormity analyst can aid to pinpoint material aspects of detriment, eager, and offender–target relationships     14) Endangerment is one emblem of comportment.        15) The trutination intermission is the trutinationized, mediocre abnormity of the appraises from the average and aids denote the form of a grounds distribution and state outliers.    .     Module 11 Video PPT Resources(Please use):