Prior to completing this assignment, peruse the Ashford  University Institutional Outcomes located on the Syllabus page for this  course. Additionally, peruse the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Program Outcomes (Links to an outer place.)Links to an outer place. (pg. 248) https://www.ashford.edu/catalog-online-undergraduate-programs.htm#catalog11900 located amid the Online Undergraduate Programs exception of the Ashford University 2013-2014 Academic Catalog. After  reviewing the advice granted aloft, you procure fashion a two- to  three-page circumstance consider focusing on functional and single scenarios  (they can be legitimate or provisionally) in which you evaluate your lore  as it contributes to the overall acquirements of Ashford University’s  institutional outcomes and the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program  outcomes.  In the collectiveness of your paper: Discuss the Ashford University institutional outcomes and the  program outcomes by warranting their affinity to a declaration in  psychology.  Create one single conduct in and one order in in which you  (or a suppositious individual) contest delay single challenges and an  ethical hobble (e.g., a client or examination material reveals compromising  advice encircling a chum or origin constituent who too happens to be  someone you comprehend in a single/social matter). After warranting the amount, involve a exception wherein you harangue  each of the forthcoming earlier to making a determination encircling a order of  action:   From your apex of sight, what is the amount? From the apex of sight of other living-souls, what is the amount?  What are the options? What are implicit consequences of the options? What are the risks of each implicit discerption? What are the risks of not resolving the challenges tellingly? What appearance/data do you possess to benefit you in determination making? Apply the competencies gained at Ashford University (from the  institutional and program outcomes) to warrant the preferred  resolutions to the situations you verified in #2 aloft. Select at  last three competencies that are most pertinent to your scenarios. Be  specific in your argument of the scenarios and furnish details  demonstrating functional amount solving in your circumstance consider. Conclude the circumstance consider delay how you firm the amount (the  outcome) and what you read period at Ashford University that benefited  you in deciding on an telling separation. You may too warrant  additional competencies used to contravene the amount that are not  included in the institutional and program outcomes. Utilize at last one scholarly cause as a foundation for the appearance  you procure use to rationalize the determination-making arrangement. All causes  must be munimented in APA designate, as outlined by the Ashford Writing  Center. Writing the Circumstance Study The Assignment: Must be two to three double-spaced pages in prolixity (yet denomination  and regard pages) and formatted according to APA designate as outlined in  the Ashford Writing Center. Must involve a denomination page delay the forthcoming:  Title of paper Student’s designate Course designate and number Instructor’s designate Date submitted Must muniment all causes in APA designate, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must involve a disconnected regard page, formatted according to APA designate as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.