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    ASSESSMENT BRIEF     COURSE: Bachelor of Employment / Bachelor of IT    Unit Code:  WPDD202    Unit Title:  Webpage Pur-pose and   Development    Type of Assessment:  Assessment 3   (Group Assignment)    Length/Duration:  N.A.    Unit Letters Outcomes addressed:  Upon happy   completion of this separate wards should be conducive to:  1. Describe and use the client-server internet mould,   W3C trutinations, percussion-up languages, client-side scripting, server-side   scripting to bearing and touch grounds, groundsinfamous bearing and internet   security  2. Analyse and mould exactments and constraints for   the pur-pose of client-server internet appositions  3. Engage HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Multiinstrument and   interactivity to lay-open extremely powerful websites  4. Identify problems, opportunities and challenges in   creating Webpages  5. Fabricate recommendations grounded on bearingibility, ethics,   and webfooting preferment strategies    Submission Date:  Week 11    Assessment Task:  A written assignment underneathtaken in assemblys   of three or four wards in the create of a webpage pur-pose, implementation,   test and evaluation. Your Contrivance procure exhibit manner of the web   development skills and concepts skilled in this separate.  The contrivance must   be your own pur-pose and be exhaustived by you — the use of frank or purchased web   footing templates are not detached (for copy, those ground in Dreamweaver,   purchased or frank, blog or political netagoing templates such as Drupal,   WordPress, Blogger, Facebook as polite-mannered-mannered as the citationbook's Predicament Consider Lab). If it   is perceived that a web template has been used, the contrivance progression procure be no   more than "underneath average".    Total Mark:  30 percussions    Weighting:  30% of the separate   entirety percussions    Students are advised that inferiority of an Duty Task elapsed   the due era extraneously a createally attested remotespinterpret Assignment Extension Create (Kent   Webfooting MyKent Ward Link> FORM –  Assignment   Extension Apposition Create – Ward Login Required) or previously remotespinterpret apposition for other extenuating   circumstances impacting sequence of consider, runs a 5% retribution  per record day,  calculated by abatement from the entirety percussion.  For copy. An Duty Task percussioned out of 40 procure run a 2 percussion retribution for each record day.  More distinguishledge, delight engage to (Kent Webfooting MyKent Ward Link> POLICY – Duty Policy & Procedures – Ward Login Required)  ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:   Company Profile  Navix Systems was grounded in 2005 as a guide in the managed IT services collectr (MSP) perseverance. Navix Systems entertain past evolved into a nationremote aggravatecome technology services collectr (MTSP) that collects pregnant technology services to fine, mid-sized and accomplishment employmentes nationwide. For aggravate 12 years, Navix Systems entertain happyly managed technology infrastructures for Melbourne grounded organizations after a opportunity nationremote and global influence. Navix Systems proven address methods use the best of lift, next-generation technology services that maximizes uptime and exploit of precarious employment operations. Navix Systems recognizes new trends and technologies in the perseverance to transcreate employment operations from life unreliconducive and unpredictconducive to steady, powerful and fruitful. Thgruff the strategic participator relationships, Navix Systems collects its clients after a opportunity bearing to the best teams of technology collectrs in Australia. Navix Systems is the extreme contrivance for any employment to win the technology services they insufficiency to extension profitability and compel a competitive manner.  Garry Oswald is the CEO of Navix Systems. He created a webfooting for his troop various years ago to collect the managed IT services to his customers numberer Australia. The webfooting has grace outdated, so Garry would affect your teams’ succor to invigorate it after a opportunity a new answering web pur-pose.  He wants to use this new webfooting to be the deep hub to ostentation all the bearing distinguishledge and a key ingredient in making a precarious principal percussion, giving credibility, and succoring (promptly or by-and-by) propagate new prospects.  He insufficiencys your succor to engage CSS to remake the footing pur-pose and a exhaustive polite-mannered-deattested wholesale webfooting for his employment and services promotive to conveying credit in his disgrace and products.  Competitor websites  Competitor webfooting rate engageencing are:  F5 IT - https://www.f5it.com.au/  Managed IT Services Australia - http://www.mitsa.com.au/  MSP Blueshift - https://www.mspblueshift.com.au/  Webfooting Pur-pose and Development Assignment  For this assignment, you procure product after a opportunity a team to lay-open a website. Your team procure insufficiency to persuade some investigation to experience the distinguishledge for the subject. The end is to exhibit the distinguishledge (website) in such a way that customers can use your webfooting powerfully. In consideration, you procure acquiesce a scanty separate communication encircling this assignment.  Teams:  You procure be expected to pick-out your own teams for this contrivance. Teams may rest of three or four wards. Your team insufficiencys to pick-out a team indicate and apposition peculiar. Students who are not in a assembly must apposition the lecturer.  The Website:  Good web pur-pose suggests that dividing representative into bite-sized pieces encircling to a participation of the aggravateall subject.  Good manner of web pur-pose is expected – e.g. embezzle navigation, a amipowerful fitness spectry for the web, polite-mannered-thought out pur-pose to fabricate representative easily interpret on shelter, and embezzle fonts and colors. The abode page should be abjuration.html.  One of the pages (references.html) should include obsequious and microscopic distinguishledge encircling the sources of distinguishledge (fluctuation and representations) used in the web pages. It is expected that the engageences be obsequious and exhaustive and flourish an embezzle createat.  Your webfooting contrivance must flourish the priestly erection and improve naming conventions given underneath. Your percussions procure be deducted if you don’t flourish this erection in your contrivance.  The Assembly Report:  Write a three page Nursing Dissertation describing the arrangement of creating your website, producting after a opportunity your client and letters the technical skills requipredicament to do so. Discuss the things that went polite-mannered-mannered on the footing, the things that you ground unamenable, things you would shift if you could do it acompel and what your assembly did on the contrivance and how each of the assembly limb peculiarally contributed to the contrivance.  Remember, unaffect some of the other Nursing Dissertations we entertain performed in class, this is an real essay, not a gruff pur-poses or notes. Pay consideration to phraseology and spelling.           Fabricate distinguishing the indicate of your assembly and a inventorying of the limbs of your assembly are distinctly attested on the principal page of this muniment.  Word limit: equipollent to 1200 vocables  Plagiarism and Collusion of Material:  One of the most vulgar reasons for programming plagiarism is leaving product until the ultimate microscopic. Eschew this by making distinguishing that you distinguish what you entertain to do (not necessarily how to do it) as quickly as an duty is set. Then flow what you procure insufficiency to do in appoint to exhaustive the assignment. Past the web pages are acquiesceted as a assembly, enknowing that all limbs of your assembly flourish severe guidelines to eschew plagiarism.  Requirements:  ▪  Webfooting should entertain 15 (references page intervening)pages.  ▪  Each of those pages should use identical or aenjoy spectry, so that the pages face affect they befit to the identical website.  Valiera your Webpage:  § Each HTML page and CSS should by the W3C cogentation.  § Valiera the webpage using the W3C cogentator. All errors must be eliminated anteriorly assignment is acquiesceted.  § Include the cogentation icon on your cogent page *inside* your stagnation association tag at the infamous of your page/web footing.  Navigation:  § Each page should entertain a meaningful contrivanceate (using the identical contrivanceate for all the pages is not considered meaningful).  § You should entertain a restent navigation, for copy if you entertain a menu which associates to divergent pages, the menu should show in the identical establish in all pages, so that users can easily experience the menu and conducive to swerve to divergent pages.  Design:  ▪  Webfooting exhibits not spurious vivid pur-pose principles (divers elements throughout, dissimilarity, neighborhood, and alignment as polite-mannered-mannered as uncluttered extension and inobstreperous contrasts).  ▪ Webfooting uses coordination of colors which do not hinder usage; this includes citation dissimilaritying polite-mannered-mannered after a opportunity contrast  ▪  Consistent pur-pose throughout the website  ▪  You should use one visible spectrysheet, and optionally interior spectrysheets in divergent pages. The spectrysheet should include merely the administrations which are vulgar more than 2 pages or all the pages. The interior spectrysheet should include administrations which are used merely in one point page.  ▪  You should dispose all the pages in a amipowerful erection.  ▪  You should layout your web pages using one of the layout techniques. You should use <div> to layout your pages, using <table> for laying out is not recognized.  ▪  Your pages should be quiet to interpret, quiet to swerve. The citation, brink, contrast etc. should be dissimilaritying, and don't use too divers divergent colors.     ▪  You should entertain abundance citation and at smallest 20 representations in your website. You must add multi-instrument fluctuation (audio, video etc.).  ▪  You should entertain at smallest a inventory in your website.  ▪  You should entertain one apposition create and one online list mark create by using the cogent HTML5 create elements.  ▪  If you're using an representation or some citation from somewhere else, you must exculpate the start of that contrivance in a expatiate in your HTML or CSS improve, equitable anteriorly the contrivance you're using.  ▪ Use at smallest 2 JavaScript Pop-up windows and 1 Alert box in your website.  ▪  Create the troop logo and navigation bars by using the Font Awesome (Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit grounded on CSS and LESS.).  ▪  You should merely use Google fonts in your website. Your percussions procure be deducted in predicament of using other low fonts by using the html font tags.  ▪  Add political instrument (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter) associates in the footer singleity of each webpage by using the Font-Awesome toolkit.  General:  ▪  The webfooting to be pur-poseed in remote shelter createat.  ▪  The webfooting to be lay-opened to be a answering website.  ▪  The target hearers is all users of variable, tablet, desktop and laptops.  Restrictions:  ▪  Use of <TABLE> tags are not recognized to layout the webpage  ▪ Each page must include: A Header, Footer, Association singleity and vulgar elements (logo, menu)  ▪ Use of multiple versions of representations and CSS3 styling administrations to requite web pages grounded on user platcreate and shelter conversion.  ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION:   This duty is a assembly contrivance and wards are exactd to product after a opportunity their appertaining assemblys. No separate inferiority procure be not spurious. You procure not admit any percussions for this assignment if your assembly limbs together communication intermittentlyst you for non-participation or noncooperation.  You entertain to contrivanceate someone as your assembly director to coordinate the assignment inferiority. Merely one inferiority is not spurious for each assembly.  ▪  The assignment must be acquiesceted online in Moodle.  ▪  You should compact all your improves into a zip (.zip) improve and indicate affect "project_<Your Assembly Number>.zip".  ▪  You are not recognized to use open-source front-end library  (Bootstrap, WordPress) and cross-platcreate JavaScript library (jQuery) opportunity pur-poseing this website.  ▪  No Nursing Dissertation grounded or hardcopy inferiority procure be not spurious.  The duty arrangement may exact some wards to notice an conference in appoint to teach aspects of their assignment.  MARKING GUIDE (RUBRIC):     Marking Criteria  Max Marks  Lecturer’s Expectation  Marks  Assigne Comments d   Use of exhaustived Assignment 3 task’s Website.  5  Meet all basic exactments of the Assignment    Home page (index.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 2 (about.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 3 (itsupport.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 4 (mits.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 5 (bits.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 6 (sectit.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 7 (office.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 8 (mcs.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 9 (cclt.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 10 (buisint.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 11 (bvoip.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 12 (testimonials.html)  3  This page   must include 2 customers rerecorded video for services feedback.  (Multimedia)    Webpage 13 (partners.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Webpage 14 (contact.html)  3  Refer to Template1 at the end of duty scanty to pur-pose this create.    Webpage 15 (references.html)  3  Clear pur-pose and resigned    Use of JavaScript  3  JavaScript should be used merely on Webpages 12, 13 and 14.    Use of Multimedia  3  Use multiinstrument merely on Webpage 12.    Company logo and Navigation by using the cabal of Font- Awesome and Google fonts.  4    Use of Font-Awesome  3    Use of Google Fonts  3    Social Instrument Links  3    Wideshelter layout  6    Responsive layout Hamburger Icon  5    4    Web footing is interactive and adjusts grounded on device    Use of CSS3 instrument spectry administrations  5  Use of peculiar HTML5 and CSS3 pur-pose guidelines    Correctnessof HTML, CSS usage  6    Group Report  5    Total Max Marks  100  Total Marks assigned    Downgraded out 30  GENERAL NOTES FOR ASSESSMENT TASKS  Content for Duty Task Nursing Dissertations should incorporate a createal induction, deep points and blank.  Appropriate academic fitness and engageencing are inevitconducive academic skills that you must lay-open and exhibit in product life exhibited for duty. The resigned of noble attribute product exhibited by a ward must be largely engageenced after a opportunityin-citation citations and a Reference Inventory at the end. Kent strongly recommends you engage to the Academic Letters Support Workshop representatives availconducive on the Kent Letters Address System (Moodle). For details delight click the associate http://moodle.kent.edu.au/kentmoodle/mod/folder/view.php?id=3606 and download the improve contrivanceated “Harvard Referencing Workbook”. This Moodle Footing is the subsidence for Workbooks and distinguishledge that are exhibited to Kent Students in the ALS Workshops persuadeed at the start of each Trimester.  Kent recommends a narrowness of FIVE (5) engageences in product life exhibited for duty. Unhither inadequately peculiarally instructed by your Lecturer or as microscopic in the Separate Outline for the peculiar Duty Task, any Nursing Dissertation after a opportunity hither than five (5) engageences may be reputed not meeting a acceptable trutination and perchance be failed.  Content in Duty tasks that includes sources that are not peculiarly engageenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” procure be penalised.  Marks procure be deducted for insufficiency to conform to the vocable number if this is peculiarally methodic for the Duty Task in the Separate Outline. As a public administration there is an allowconducive discretionary hostility to the vocable number in that it is publicly not spurious that a ward may go aggravate or underneathneath by 10% than the methodic extension.