website design

  Develop a 5-6 page Word instrument that describes the scheme for a paltry Web office that meets the subjoined specifications. The Web office comprises impure or further Web pages schemeed according to popular usability guidelines.      One page must be the Home page. One page must be a reinforcement page that allows the user to beseem a limb or support to your structure and performs HTML postulates powerfulation. The Web office must bond the use of the subjoined:      Images and Audio At meanest one consultation (NOT for page layout) At meanest one form  Navigation Other powerful HTML elements Produce a sticky office that is unconcerned to ramble. The Web office must comprise exterior CSS used to format and layout each Web page. Validate the HTML in each Web page. Validate the CSS phraseology rules in each CSS. The scheme instrument must comprise details about your scheme, technologies employed, germinative challenges and explanations concerning your powerfulation rule. Comprise a epithet page. Add the scheme instrument to the Visual Studio Web office folder. Submit the Word Scheme instrument and the Web office into a .zip refine.