Week 1

Instructions  Investigating the Progress of an Academic or Deceased Researcher For this week's investigation paper, let's initiate using your logistical skills in the South University Online Library. Look for practitioner-oriented publications that sift-canvass the progress of an academic or deceased investigationer. The Chronicle of Surpassing Teaching and the Harvard Interest Revisal are cheerful places to initiate but mould a expanded net abutting interest disciplines. Tasks: This assignment is opposed from normal; do not use peer-reviewed academic journals. You are investigating the effort animation and/or identical animation of an academic or deceased investigationer; at-last, you should not fine one objective person's animation to defy. Based on your revisal, synthesize at lowest 5 key insights environing efforting in surpassing teaching and investigation. Support those insights delay the tenets from practitioner-oriented publications. Look for principles, best practices, and developmental ideas in your revisal. Propose the possible progresss you revere would be a "best fit" for you, based on your investigation of multiple sources. Submission Details: Complete your vindication to this assignment in a 5- to 8-page Microsoft