week 3 cyber crimes

  A juridical idiosyncratic among a federal felony lab has been tasked delay the inquiry of an idiosyncratic who is reputed of the manufacturing, mien, and sale of illicit feelingworks explosives. Upon responding to a feeling at the suspect’s seed, feelingfighters disclose 2.5 tons of explosives, and for-this-reason, put out the feeling from a absence. When investigators land on the show, diverse networked computers, PDAs, cell phones, and laptops are plant in an upstairs business-post. As younger investigators, they are unsure of how the fourth and fifth amendments obtain favor their inquiry, inquiry warrants, and the farthest loot of these devices. In restitution, they are unsure of the scale generous procedures for processing computer averment among the pristine and fourth chastisements' governance, so AB Investigative Services (ABIS) has been tight to procure control in these areas. Provide a 4–6 page instrument in Word describing: the juridicals procedures to glean, and process juridical averment from these devices while forthcoming the fourth and fifth chastisement guidelines.