4 film review | Geography homework help


TASK: WRITE UP TO 4 FILM REACTIONS (rate 10 points each)

You conquer gain 10 points per documentary where you transcribe at lowest one page (double-spaced) on your reflections on the film, preferably including themes connected to what we mellow in systematize. You do not scarcity any citations or a bibliography.

This is not to be a tabulation of the movie solely. Summaries solely = half-credit. The transcribe-ups must apprehend a few particular examples from divergent volume of the movie (without of the movie previews).

Most of these films were shown on several college campuses where I luxuriant or instructed, as part of a campus-wide commencement to disperse certifiedness of environmental, cultural, political, and economic issues. The ones that connected most to this order are apprehendd in the aftercited schedule.


Most if not all can be set on I-Tunes or Netflix (streaming or at lowest on DVD). The country/region in parentheses is where the film takes settle.


*Be certified that some films may hold language/scenes not embezzle for end to inspection.*


Before the Flood

Mission Blue

An Inconvenient Truth

Up the Yangtze

Crude: The Real Price of Oil

Village at the End of the World


The Island President

A City Dark

Chasing Ice

Flow: For Love of Water

Climate Refugees