Exam instructions: open book exam: may use textbook, class



Only the post in the assignment folder accomplish be graded, lukewarm any technical problems delay balbutiation the polish in the assignment folder. There are 25 multiple precious inquirys; there are 9 essay inquirys. The exam is excellence a completion of 100 points. Section: Section I. Multiple Choice: 25 inquirys/50 points USE THE ANSWER SHEET intervening at the deep of this page for exculpations; representation and paste it as is, no changes, gladden. DO NOT COPY Multiple Precious QUESTIONS. Each inquiry is excellence 2 points. This is an application-oriented exam; you accomplish not furnish the exculpation to inquirys verbatim in the quotation. If you appreciate a inquiry is not practised in any of the assigned materials, you keep missed the consequence and insufficiency to re-think. Put missive of amend exculpation on the exculpation quibble at the deep of this page. There is singly one amend exculpation to each inquiry.


1. Sam verbally agreed to dispose-of Ramie some place for $500,000. Ramie hired Sam the $500,000; Sam gave Ramie the act to the place. Ramie took tenure of the place and began erection a incarcerate on it. One month posterior, Sam genial to recapture tenure of the place by arguing that the retrench for the sale was sick owing it was verbal, not written. Sam sued Ramie to sickate the retrench and recapture the place. The affect accomplish mitigated argue that Sam accomplish: a) Win; the sale exceeded $500 so the retrench must be written to be weighty. b) Win; all place sales retrenchs must be written. c) Lose; owing the retrench was easily performed Sam cannot repeal the retrench. d) Lose; owing Ramie had begun erection a incarcerate on the ownership, Sam cannot repeal the retrench.


2. On Tuesday, Sam offered to dispose-of his CD assemblage to Sandy for $100. Sandy replied, "I'm careful. I'll fancy it balance and let you recognize Thursday whether I scantiness to buy the CDs." On Wednesday, Sam agreed to dispose-of the CDs to Jason, and Jason forthdelay gave Sam a missive that narrated: "Sam, I accomplish buy your CD assemblage for $100. As we agreed, I accomplish pay you on Friday when I cull up the CDs. Yours actually, Jason." Upon Sam's acknowledgment of this missive on Wednesday, what best describes Sam’s retrench unison(s)? a) By constructing an unison delay Jason, Sam breached his retrench delay Sandy. b) Sam has constructed retrenchs delay twain Jason and Sandy. c) Sam and Jason keep constructed a weighty, enforcepotent retrench; Sam did not construct a retrench delay Sandy. d) Sam constructed a retrench delay Sandy, but has not constructed an enforcepotent retrench delay Jason owing Jason has not yet hired for the CD assemblage.


3. Mac and Rhamad signed a duty retrench delay a chapter that provides that if a argue arises they must resign to styptic amity to dictate the argue. After they had been doing duty concurrently for a year, a argue arose lower the qualifications of the retrench. Rather than resign to amity, Mac polishd a lawsuit across Rhamad. Most mitigated the affect accomplish: a) Hear the lawsuit owing Mac cannot be driveled to resign to amity; he is constitutionally entitled to a jury criterion if he requests a criterion. b) Conduct a coast criterion, then dispose a cure delayout driveling Mac to resign to amity or to a jury criterion. c) Drive Mac to resign to amity to dictate the argue. d) Hear the lawsuit in a criterion, then drive Mac to resign to amity, if Mac is not acquiescent delay the criterion judgment.


4. Roxy, period driving through Wyoming to her home in Montana, accidentally obsolete regulate of her car and myriad it through a window into a garner owned by Colt. Colt sued Roxy in a Wyoming affect for wages to his garner. Accomplish the Wyoming affect mitigated be potent to practice amenability balance Roxy? a) No, owing Wyoming has no in personam (personal) amenability balance Roxy, and cannot practice its covet arm ordinance in circumstances singly involving automobile accidents. b) No, owing Wyoming has no in personam amenability balance Roxy, and cannot absolve insufficiency contacts in this circumstance. c) Yes, Wyoming can practice in personam amenability in this circumstance owing any narrate affect has specific amenability in whole dissimilarity of citizenship circumstance. d) Yes, owing Wyoming can oblige in personam amenability balance Roxy lower the insufficiency contacts experiment.



5. Assume a salesperson intentionally made one of the subjoined narratements - recognizeing that the narratement was faithless - to a customer regarding a alienation. Which narratement could fashion amenability for deceptive disfigurement if the customer made the alienation? a) “In my view, this car is in flawless unimpassioned qualification.” b) “This crane accomplish probably elate encircling 10,000 pounds.” c) “This car is a existent gem.” d) “This is an primordial painting by the artist, Pablo Picasso.”