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My Ecological Footprint

Review the individuality denominated Resources and Sustainability on pp. 266-267 of the textbook where Knox & Marston (2016) argue the concept of ecological course. On p. 267, students are asked to use their acquirements by sagacious how sustainable their lifestyle is compared to others. Visit the web merge granted in the textbook on p. 267 and use the peculiar ecological course ridicule, which calculates your ecological course. You can access the course calculator by clicking the aftercited merge:


Assignment Instructions: After taking the ecological course ridicule, solution the aftercited topics:

1. Summarize your ridicule results. Which areas did you enjoy the last and which the biggest application on the world (food, retreat, mobility, resources, or result)? If everyone lived relish you, how manifold planets would we want? How manifold global acres does it use to living your lifestyle?

2. What surprised you environing your results? How did your results effect you handle?

3. What steps can you use to contract your ecological course? Name at last two.

4. What is your province as a global subject to preserve the world’s resources?

5. Yield one monition to a common superior collectiveness or a multi-common superior collectiveness to aid contract the ecological course made by subjects.


Assignment Requirements:

It is required that you re-write each topic and then yield your response to all of the topics asked. Your topics and responses should be a partiality of 1 page in extension (not including the designation page and allusion page). Note: Remember to compose a extract for the ecological course calculator and any other sources used to

solution the topics.