Lab 07: glacial landscapes | Geography homework help


This module examines polished processes and signs. Topics enclosecontinental and alpine glaciation, ablation and hoard, cirques, drumlins, kettles, kames and moraine. Suitableness these themes may parade to be ill-matched, you conciliate collect how they are inherently allied.The modules begin after a suitableness five chink themes, or vignettes, which are set-up in the appertaining Google Earth refine. These vignettes bring-in basic concepts of the polished processes and landforms. Some of the vignettes bear buoyancys, videos, or incomprehensive doctrines that conciliate agree another perspective or visual sense for the theme at workman.  After lection the vignette and associated links, retort the aftercited questions. Please voicelessness that some links agency assume a suitableness to download grounded on your Internet urge.


Expandthe INTRODUCTION folder and then regulate Theme 1: Introduction.

ReadTopic 1: Introduction.

Question 1: What are some uses of freshinspire from glaciers?

A.   Agriculture

B.   Industry

C.   Tourism

D.   All of the above

Read Topic 2: Types of Glaciers.

Question 2: What is the semi-round sign at the far left of the relishness?

A.   Drumlin

B.   Lateral moraine

C.   Terminal moraine

D.   Medial moraine

 Read Topic 3: History after a suitablenessin Polished Ice.

Question 3: Amid the snow, do indifferenter temperatures consequence in loftier or inferior concentrations of facile oxygen (16O)?

A.   Higher, consequently there is balance air to erect 18O out of the ocean

B.   Lower, consequently there is balance air to erect 18O out of the ocean

C.   Higher, consequently there is close air to erect 18O out of the ocean

D.   Lower, consequently there is close air to erect 18O out of the ocean

 Read Topic 4: The Global Retreat and Advance of Glaciers.

Question 4: What happened to the Peterman Glacier on Aug 5, 2010?

A.   Satellite relishnessry heed the glacier was in-fact advancing

B.   A great magnitude of the glacier broke off the proset-up glacier

C.   Icebergs were mottled calving

D.   An ice dam imagined by icebergs broke unleashing 3 pet cfs of inspire

 Read Topic 5: Human Reliance on Glaciers for Water.

Question 5: What was the peak acquit on August 14, 2002?

A.   97 cfs

B.   3.9 pet cfs

C.   1.9 pet cfs

D.   145,000 cfs

Collapse and unregulate INTRODUCTION.


 Expand GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and then double-click and choice Major Globe Glaciers.

This map parades the colony of important glaciers (in blue-colored) throughout the globe. At give, glaciers shelter closely 10 to 11 percent of the demeanor of the Earth. Multifarious cities pause on glaciers as their fount of inspire.

Double‑click Question 6. When you reach at your appointment, perceive the counsel to amplify in the blanks adownneath. Repeat this for Questions 7 and 8:

Question 6:        


A.   Lima

B.   Buenos Aires

C.   Santiago

D.   Bogotá


A.   7.2 pet

B.   2.7 pet

C.   3.6 pet

D.   4.5 pet

Glacier(s) located which regulate from city:

A.   North

B.   East

C.   West

D.   South


Question 7:


A. Bhutan

B. Lhasa

C. Katmandu

D. Tibet


A.2.7 pet

B. 4.3 pet

C. 1.9 pet

D. 4.5 pet

Glacier(s)located which regulate from city:

A.   North

B.   West

C.   East

D.   South

Question 8:

Glacier: Atetsch

Latitude and Longitude (degrees barely):

A.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° E

B.   Latitude 46 °N, Longitude 8° W

C.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° E

D.   Latitude 46 °S, Longitude 8° W


Collapse and unregulate GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE

Figure 1.Glacier magnitude budget.(Arbogast 2nd Ed.).

Alpine glaciers are set-up in multifarious of the globe’s important mountain ranges. These glaciers are dynamic and attendency downhill adown the soundness of priggishness. In multifarious places, alpine glaciers are inconsiderable as the snowpack decreases in winter months and moderation temperatures growth during the start and summer months.

Expand the ALPINE GLACIATION folder.Double-click and choice Mass Balance.

This is the Klinaklini glacier in British Columbia, Canada. Ahanker an alpine glacier there are two important zones, hoard and ablation. The zone of hoard(Figure 1) is located at loftier altitudes where temperatures reproset-up indifferent ample such that snowfall exceeds soft balance the order of a year. Conversely, the zone of ablation is located at inferior altitudes where soft exceeds snowfall. The red cord in the average represents the equilibrium cord, where snowfall and soft are resembling balance the order of a year. Farther down in the zone of ablation, and detriment of ice by meltinspire is manifest.

Question 9: Where do we perceive the proset-up fissures in the glacier disclosed as crevasses– in the zone of hoard or the zone of ablation?

A.   Zone of hoard

B.   Both zone of hoard and ablation

C.   Zone of ablation

D.   Neither zone of hoard now ablation.

 KeepMass Balance selected, and then double‑click Direction of Flow.

Question 10:Explain the regulate of attendency of polished ice, from the zone of hoard to the detriment of ice by meltwater.

A.   The glacier attendencys downward from the zone of hoard adown the rule of priggishness.

B.   The glacier attendencys uphill as it melts

C.   The glacier attendencys in a southern regulate towards the equator

D.   Direction pauses on the total of snowfall.


Erosional Features

Figure 2.Glaciation (17.16 Arbogast 2nd Ed.)


A cirque (or corrie) is a bowl‑shaped erosional sign imagined by compound polished ice attendency that that plucks representative from a concavity on a arise and promotes the figment of a lowering. Cirque glaciers are typically the top of U mouldd dip glaciers. After glaciation, multifarious cirques embrace tarn lakes (Figure 2) suitableness in the polished dips, chains of paternoster lakes are formed, commbarely arelish by a uncompounded attendency order.


Expand Erosional Features and then double‑click and choice Mt. Rainier.

Figure 3. Geographic Features cord item


Mount Rainier, after a suitableness its 25 glaciers sheltering 90 balance km (35 balance mile), has balance glaciers than any other peak in the continental US.


Mt. Rainier is located south of Seattle, Washington. Google has a exercise that enables you to see balance counsel encircling the mountain such as the altitude and the altitude line, and to fly on a excursion. Open the Layers pane, amplify Borders and Labels, amplify Labels and then regulate Geographic Features (Figure 3).        


 Double‑click Mount Rainier Tour.


 Double‑click and choice A and B.

Question 11: The ridgecord is what mold of polished sign?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑clickForbidden Peak Tourto get a closer behold.

Question 12:What polished sign (there are abutly 20 of them) is set-up on twain sides of the ridgecord betwixt A and B?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

Question 13: Behold at the lake adownneath this ridgeline. This lake is what mold of polished sign?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double‑click and choice .

Question 14:What mold of polished sign is this lake?

A.           Cirque

B.           Tarn

C.           Horn

D.           Arete

 Double-click choice the Dfolder.

When 3 or balance cirques end into each other they imagine a top landform sign.However, this sign is slightly trying to see in the 2D perspective.

 Double‑click. Double‑click and choiceMountain Tour.

Question 15: What is the designate of this polished sign, to which the mountain is designated (Hint: You can severicularize the designate of the important top by enabling Geographic Features)?

A. Cirque

B. Tarn

C. Horn

D. Arete


Close the mannerism regulate panel:

 Double-click and choiceValley. Click animation in the window.

This dip was originally imagined by a distant stream order and actually qualified by a glacier that has gone-by retreated.

Question 16:What mold of dip is set-up at D?

A. Distant stream dip

B. Polished dip

C. Hanging dip

D. V – mouldd dip


Collapse and unregulate Erosional Features

Transportation and Depositional Features

 Double-click Transportation and Depositional Features.

This is the glacier d'Otemma in Switzerland. Amid this alpine glacier, sundry attractional signs are manifest. Most distinguished are the diversified moraines set-up ahanker (lateral), discurrent or betwixt (medial) and at the end (terminal) of the glacier. Morainesconsist of unsorted dress (diamicton or lees) that is deposited after a suitableness glaciers; the colony of the moraine severicularizes the mold. Three of the most well-disclosed moraines are:

Double‑click and choice lore F, G, and H barely to confirm the aftercited signs:

Question 17:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 18:Feature :

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Question 19:Feature

A.   Medial moraine

B.   Terminal moraine

C.   Lateral moraine

D.   Recessional moraine

Collapse and unregulate ALPINE GLACIATION.

Continental Glaciation

During polished periods in the gone-by, great portions of North America were shelter by continental glaciers. Today, these glaciers are set-up predominantly in Greenland and the Antarctica. But remnants of continental glacier disembodiment can be set-up abutting plenteous of Canada,the northern continental US, northern Europe and Russia.

Expand and clickCONTINENTAL GLACIATION. Click continental glaciation video in the window. This buoyancy depicts ultimate landforms of continental glaciers.

As you can see, it is the attractional signs of continental glaciations that reproset-up on the hope.These signs enclose those that formed adown or as a consequence of polished lobes suitableness other signs are a consequence of polished meltwater.

 ExpandDepositional Features.

Drumlins are imagined by continental glaciers that remould antecedent deposited glacier representative as they progress balance it (Figure 4).They atattend to be elongated and orient in the regulate of ice progressment. The harden end of a drumlin faces the regulate from which the glacier was tender when it imagined the drumlin.


Figure 4.Topographic fidelity of a drumlin and its regulate of polished ice attendency.

 Double-click Drumlin.

This is a hope after a suitableness sundry drumlins. From the air it is trying to see them; nevertheless, it becomes balance manifest when conexcursion cords are ascititious to parade altitude changes.

 Set the altitude mimicry to 3.

Select Drumlin Contour.

Look for a train of conexcursion cords forming an elongated mould common to Figure 4. This sign is a drumlin.

Double-click and choice Drumlin Lateral View to see an lateral sight of the sign.

Question 20: According to the moulds of the drumlins, what (compass) regulate do you judge the ice was tender when it formed the drumlins?






Double-click and choice Kettle Lake.

This great round matter of inspire is a kettle lake formed by a arrest of ice a inconsiderable glacier progress off. Balance span the arrest of ice is barely buried and then melts to imagine a lowering.When amplifyed after a suitableness inspire, this lowering is termed a kettle lake. Use the supporter hireling and estimate the interval abutting the lake from top H to top I.

Question 21: How distant, in miles, is the lake (from H to I)?

A. 1.6 miles

B. 2.6 miles

C. 3.6 miles

D. 4.6 miles


Question 22: Assuming the lake is round, rate the area of this lake (A=πr2)in balance miles, where A is area, pi is 3.14, and r2 is the radius of the dispersion balanced.

Area is __________________mi2

A. Π(0.8)2 = 2.00  balance miles

B. Π(1.6)2 = 8.04 balance miles

C. Π(3.6)2 = 40.72 balance miles

D. Π(4.6)2 = 66.48 balance miles


ExpandEskers. Choice Ripley Esker.

Eskers are hanker snake relish ridges imagined by the attraction of lees frommelt inspire attendencys that attendencyed after a suitablenessin or adown glaciers. Gravel pits frequently mine eskers for sand and gravel.

This is the Ripley Esker in Minnesota. Heed how the trees draw the esker.

 Select Belle Prairie.

You can use the aftercited Google Earth hirelings to shape the esker easier to see on the topographic maps:

·         Use the Adjust Opacity hireling to see how the topographic map compares to the aerial photograph.

·         Use the Ruler hireling to abuse the elongation of the esker.

Question 23: What is the abut elongation of the esker in miles?

A.   1.5 miles

B.   2 miles

C.   5 miles

D.   10 miles

Question 24: What are the two dominant economic activities set-up environing the esker?

A.   Farming and ranching

B.   Ranching and quarrying

C.   Tourism and farming

D.   Quarrying and farming


Double-click Moraine.

This hope in Minnesota is speckled after a suitableness a ultimate moraine and kettle lakes. Suitableness the lakes are facile to see, the moraine is not.

Double-click Moraine Perspective to sight the hope from a 3-D perspective.

The moraine parades as a train of hills.

SelectInspiration Peak to sight a topographic map of the hope.

Question 25: What is the tall top (in feet) of the moraine in the red contour?The tall top is located adjacent the convenient eastern sever of the Inspiration Peak map notable by the red enumerate 1.

A.   1550

B.   1650

C.   1705


D.   1555