Health Journal Project

Health Journal Project

Intro Page: State your goals

Using solid paragraph format state the personal goals you are setting you to accomplish through this project. This may include food quality food intake boundaries, movement goals, BMI target, weight gain or weight loss, education on certain topics, goals for classroom/curriculum change, etc. Tell how will manage, measure and time your implementation of them and assess your accomplishments.

 Note for the writer – “My goal is to lose weight and stay fit” and I made 8 week exercise program, Following tips to lose weight and also made a food dairy for 3 weeks and kept track of things I ate. (All This was the part of this health journal project)

Notes- how to take it a step further

Add notes that tie what you learn about your eating and health to what you can teach children, what you can model for children and how your increased health impacts your effectiveness as a teacher.

Summary page: assess what you have learned and how will use this information in the future. (This part will be on a different page) (2nd page)

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