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Hello I am down to the final two questions for an assignment. I have chosen to use Dish for this project. Here is the link to their Annual Report.

Dish Network Annual Report (2013) Retrieved on July 22, 2017 from


2. Calculate the following ratios for each of the three years presented.

Show your computations.

Current year Last year Two years ago

• Gross profit rate (%) ____________ ____________ ____________

• Ratio of operating ____________ ____________ ____________

expenses to sales (or operating revenue) (%)

• Profit margin (%) ____________ ____________ ____________

Net income/sales or operating revenues

• Return on assets ____________ ____________ ____________

Net income/average total assets

You will find prior years’ assets in the Five-Year Summary of Selected Financial Data.

3. Compare these ratios to industry averages. (Note: The gross profit rate may also be called the gross margin. The ratio of operating expenses to sales may also be called the operating margin. The profit margin percentage may also be called the net profit margin.)

Your company Industry

Gross profit rate ____________ __________

Operating margin ____________ __________

Profit margin ____________ __________

Return on assets ____________ __________

How do the results for your company compare to industry averages?