Hey there, you’ve assisted me before and I have a bit of a dilemma

Hey there, you’ve assisted me before and I have a bit of a dilemma this week and was curious to know if you could help me again. I have 2 research papers, finals, and have to work through the week as well as the weekend and could use some help with one of the papers if you’d be up for it of course. Details are below please let me know if you be willing to help and your price. Thanks!The topic of the final position paper is entirely your choice. Choose a Science, Technology and Society related topic that you are interested in. Primary reasons for choosing a topic should be: you are interested in it,you have found a significant amount of information on this topicit is a recent topic (last 5 years)Guidelines for the Position PaperPlease see the website: http: //www. xavier. edu/library/help/position_paper. pdf for an overview of position papers. The final report will be due Midnight Sunday of Week 8. It is important to remain focused on the topic of interest. You will be allowed to change the topic only once and not later than five weeks into the course. The final report should be on the abstract you submitted during the fourth week. It should be10 pages long (not including the title page, abstract and reference page),1″ margin all around,12 pt times font anddouble spaced. Please scan your paper through a plagiarism checker to ensure unintentional plagiarism isn’t present. Referencing GuidelineReferences should be given at the end of the report and you should indicate in the report what information came from which source. A good rule of thumb is approximately 2-4 references per page. References can be: web sites,textbook (only one),magazines (peer reviewed),newspapers, andpersonal contacts, i. e. someone who has a first hand experience with some information. (only one personal contact reference)References should be given in the following format: Use either MLA or APA format. Web sites: only . edu, . gov, . org or . net websites should be used. Websites with . com can be used sparingly if references for information are given on the site. It should be indicated in your reference when the website was last updated. Please check the link before submitting. Credit will not be given for any web site that the instructor cannot verify. Do not use any website that can be edited by anyone e. g. Wikipedia or a blog which is personal web site. Personal reference: i. e. if you have spoken to your friend who works in a science of technolog industry, then give the friends name, place of work, date when you communicated. Book: the title of the book, author, year published and pages. Pdf files: please give the page numbers you are referring to in the pdf files.