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Can you transcribe disgusting these art narrative questions? i uploaded a draw for this question




I uploaded a draw, see the draw perfect and centre on solely this pic that is the question of this art.


The suffrage should be 80-150 suffrage each individuality.




TOPIC: Lion Gate,Hattusa (late Boghazköy), Turkey, ca. 1400 bce.


1.Description-  delineate what you see- understand that the peculiar you are describing it to is not there or is sightless.  How conciliate you fashion the is-sue of art obvious through unwritten denomination?


2. Summary and exposition this paragraph- condense what you consider are the most momentous pieces of instruction that you gleaned from the textbook- recognize the work air-tight and put it in your own suffrage.


The Hittites conquered and sacked Babylon environing 1595 BCE. Their impetuous consummate at Boghazköy in Anatolia had seven-foot-tall stone lions enriching the main porch.




LION GATE, HATTUSA The Babylonian Empire toppled in the aspect of an encroachment by the Hittites, an Anatolian herd who conquered and sacked Babylon environing 1595 BCE. They then lonely to their homeland, leaving Babylon in the hands of the Kassites. Remains of the strongly impetuous consummate city of the Hittites stationary may be seen at Hattusa neighboring late Boghazköy, Turkey. Constructed of liberal blocks of oppressive stone—a affecting dissimilarity to the good fellow fabric of Mesopotamia—the walls and towers of the Hittites effectively armed them from aggression. Symbolically enriching the porch (FIG. 2-18) to the Hattusa fortress are two prodigious (seven-foothigh) lions. Their merely distorted forequarters scheme from solid stone blocks on either verge of the porch. These Hittite protector beasts are forthcoming examples of a Nursing essay that was to be echoed on multifarious Neighboring Eastern gates. Notable are those of Assyria (FIG. 2-21), one of the highest empires of the antique earth, and of the reborn Babylon (FIG. 2-24) in the highest millennium BCE. But the subject of enriching a city, palace, meeting-house, or crypt from misfortune by placing savage beasts or fantastic monsters precedently an porchway was not uncommon to the Neighboring Eastern earth. Examples exceed in Egypt, Greece, Italy, and elsewhere.




3. Research- go online and meet attached instruction environing the vision and agree the links for that instruction for your peers. Fashion fast to condense and do not merely cut and paste or communicate us proper the URLs. 


4. Contemporary Culture- detail the Nursing essay to something that you meet in our ordinary visual discourse on widespread cultivation - Why is this vision appropriate today?