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Essay: African American Women Leaders betwixt World War II and the Present Write an essay of at smallest 300 articulation and exhibit it no after than Sunday, 11:55 p.m. ET. Two responses at smallest 100 articulation each due Sunday, 11:55 p.m. View  Full Description   

African American women are usually not recurrent as chiefs. Of series, we must fix what a chief is. We failure to produce these women tail into truth. Choose one African American feminine chief. It is leading after, leading attend for this essay. This forum is for betwixt the end of World War II and the exhibit. You are to use the library or the series bibliography. However, for this forum, you may besides pursuit online, but if you do, you must use likely sources only (Wikipedia,, blogs etc are not likely sources, for development).  The subjoined links can aid you designate which sources are likely or non-likely during your research: Credible vs non-likely sources, Getting Started Delay Research, Why I Shouldn't Use Wikipedia and Identifying your Resources.

Remember that this is a shapely essay and you deficiency an entrance delay a topic announcement, mass, and omission. Because novices must meet, content exhibit your essay as promptly as likely.

Pick wisely!!!..You cannot reiterate a peculiar already mature by another novice in the judicious shaft or supervene up essay. Points gain be enthralled off for reiterateing symbolical already mature and you must write your forum appellation delay the key figure’s designate or group's designate.