Ged130 introduction to civilization – final exam solution

GED 130 Introduction to Civilization

Final Nursing essay

Multiple Choice Questions


1) Which of the forthcoming propoundments encircling the Enuma Elish is NOT penny?

A) It probably epochs to encircling 2000 B.C.E.

B) A rebelling god and goddess were destroyed by Marduk

C) Humans were created by the gods out of sphere and water

D) It is the figment fconducive of the herd of Akkad.


2) In the mid-1700s, the past sagacious cosmical scientists:

A) had questioned the result that all fix and lewd deal-out had been deal-outially


B) had granted a gentleman substantiality of declaration that the Sphere was bulky pets

of years old.

C) had proved the revealed representation of figment.

D) had exposed the genetic plea of opposition transmission.


3) Charles Darwin:

A) argued that teleology was an unimpaired deal-out of all activity.

B) refused to own that Alfred Russel Wallace had any profitconducive results on evolvement.

C) ownd that there was a “Creator”.

D) inveterate his results on evolvement on facts he gathered opportunity traveling in southeast



4) The trash of Homo sapiens own been base throughout:

A) Java.

B) Australia.

C) Eurasia.

D) Africa.


5) Homo pristine used energy encircling:

A) 5 pet years ago.

B) 200,000 years ago.

C) 30,000 years ago.

D) 1 pet years ago.


6) Homo sapiens:

A) was a utensil user.

B) had the ultimate brain faculty of any hominid yet descryed.

C) were pristine descryed in fossils in the tardy seventeenth era.

D) instrument “man delay exposed brain”.


7) Most archaeologists and paleoanthropologists believe:


A) Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens merely on the African continent.

B) Homo erectus pristine answered in Africa.

C) Homo erectus pristine answered in western Europe.

D) Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens in various distributes.


8) Which of the forthcoming events in evolvementary truth happened pristine?


A) pristine birds

B) pristine amphibians

C) pristine dinosaurs

D) pristine reptiles




9) Which of the forthcoming is NOT a debate put forth in the quotation for the non-appearance of Neanderthals?


A) Neanderthals interbred delay Homo sapiens sapiens.

B) Homo sapiens sapiens destroyed the Neanderthals through outrage.

C) Homo sapiens sapiens out-competed Neanderthals for media.

D) Neanderthals warred delay each other and shoal themselves to failure.


10) Linguist Noam Chomsky argues that the security to use talk is:


A) genetic.

B) read from the environment.

C) read from parents.

D) a benefaction of the gods.


11) The “Venus” figurine pictured in the quotation:


A) was made betwixt 5,000 and 7,000 years ago.

B) is probably a fertility spell.

C) indicates that the herd of that era were on a adjacent-starvation regimen.

D) was base in southern Africa.


12) Which of the forthcoming stages of civilized crop happened pristine?


A) speedy brain augmentation

B) civilized migrations to America

C) crop of dismode

D) taming of lewds


13) The pristine lewds to be tamed in the “Fertile Crescent” were:


A) goats and sheep.

B) dogs.

C) llamas and turkeys.

D) pigs and earth.


14) Which of the forthcoming sways was governmentatic pristine?


A) Persian

B) Assyrian

C) Neo-Babylonian

D) Hittite


15) The Bronze Age:


A) supervenered anteriorly there were written registers.

B) was a end of forcible technological breakthroughs.

C) preceded the Paleolithic Age.

D) was a end when paltry of union supervenered.


16) The universe’s pristine legislation of fitness evolved in:


A) southeast Asia.

B) the Indus Valley.

C) Khmer.

D) Sumer.





17) The Sumerians were exposedly subjugateed by:


A) Nefertiti of Egypt.

B) Sargon of Akkad.

C) Alexander the Great of Macedon.

D) Hammurabi of Babylon.


18) Although the Sumerians did not pronounce Semitic, their use of Semitic calls suggests:


A) they had been firm at one end by a Semitic-speatyrant herd.

B) Semitic-speatyrant herd may own preceded them in the area.

C) their talk had evolved from Semitic.

D) that they had migrated from a Semitic pronounceing distribute.


19) Which of the forthcoming is NOT a Sumerian city-state?


A) Akkad

B) Kish

C) Uruk

D) Lagash


20) The city-states of Mesopotamia were especially tender due to:


A) inter-courtly promisement.

B) their forthcoming a whiledrawal of governmentatic armies.

C) insecurity to accrue ample living to adequately delight their populations.

D) potent manifest enemies.


21) In Sumerian ends, the result of grantconducive unity and staunchness was inveterate most fundamentally on:


A) clan.

B) creed.

C) tabulate.

D) geography.


22) Of the forthcoming, which has ardent us the best result of dignified Sumerian values?


A) tyrantly agreement

B) lamentations

C) tyrant lists

D) epics


23) This herd concocted fitness:


A) Babylonians

B) Akkadians

C) Sumerians

D) Egyptians


24) Scholars beneathstand the lowest encircling this amelioration:


A) Nile lowering

B) Greek city-states

C) Indus lowering

D) Tigris-Euphrates lowering



25) Egyptians wrote on brochure made from:


A) linen.

B) papyrus gist.

C) cotton.

D) limestone flakes.


26) The excellentest beneathstandn fitness samples were solicitous vastly delay:


A) the activities of tyrantlyty.

B) traffic.

C) law codes.

D) pious experiences.


27) In primeval Egypt:


A) most pyramids were lodged adjacent the fi fth cataract.

B) Nubia was to the south.

C) the Red Sea was to the north.

D) Preferconducive Egypt was to the north.


28) Horus:


A) was the senior of Osiris.

B) represented the southern interest of Egypt.

C) firm the beneathworld.

D) became the ocean god of the pharaohs.


29) Akhetaten:


A) was the standing of deify of the sun god Aten.

B) was built by the pharaoh Ramses II.

C) was used as a relevant for adjacently 800 years.

D) is considered the best delegated-to-others of the normal Egyptian city of its day.


30) The art and craftwork of the Indus Lowering indicates:


A) they were a wandering herd.

B) that the amelioration was not very courteous exposed.

C) they did not hold metallurgical skills.

D) they deal-outicipated in free interregional occupation.



31) The colonizations of Harrapa and Mohenjo-Daro could each accommodate:


A) encircling 10,000 residents.

B) encircling 40,000 residents.

C) encircling 2,500 residents.

D) encircling 25,000 residents.


32) Which of the forthcoming is NOT one of the immodest legacies of Harappa vivid in the quotation?


A) Aryan invaders adjacently totally destroyed the Indus lowering amelioration.

B) Aryan invaders adopted some of the Indus lowering unroving techniques.

C) Aryan invaders adopted some of the colonization characteristics of the Indus lowering amelioration.

D) Aryan invaders may own adopted some pious results of the Indus lowering amelioration.

33) The Indus lowering amelioration:


A) made paltry use of unroving experiences.

B) built bulky temples and palaces.

C) began environing 7000 B.C.E.

D) stretched its aim environing 1000 B.C.E.


34) Neolithic ordains in China began the transition from hunting and bunch to tillage and village activity as existing as:


A) 1700 B.C.E.

B) 8000 B.C.E.

C) 9000 B.C.E.

D) 2700 B.C.E.


35) Chinese solon bones:


A) were usually made from civilized bones.

B) pristine came to the heed of scientists succeeding they were base at gulf standings.

C) own been profitconducive to archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians for at lowest three centuries.

D) own granted profitconducive counsel encircling the legislationrs of the Shang dynasty.


36) The Xia dynasty:


A) was firm by a unique tyrant who inferior all the legislations of the propound.

B) did not license any forcible archaeological standings, so paltry is beneathstandn encircling it.

C) had legislationrs that betrothed in rituals and divinations.

D) colorconducive did not execute pottery.


37) Anyang:


A) is one of the most unsparingly investigated archaeological standings in China.

B) was the ultimate relevant of the Zhou dynasty.

C) was the hardihood of a mean sway encircling 30 miles in bisection.

D) was mentioned in Shang quotations, though it was referred to by a unanalogous call.


38) Existing courtlyization in South America:


A) was spurred by the excellent bulk of occupation delay Mesoamerica.

B) followed a fur unanalogous track than that normal in Mesoamerica.

C) was not forcible until encircling 500 C.E.

D) hardihooded on pious shrines.


39) The Inca sway:


A) forbade any use of the creed or refinement of its forerunner propounds.

B) experienced deism.

C) ultimateed for adjacently 1000 years.

D) built an vast network of roads and tracks.


40) The Popol Vuh contains the figment fconducive of the:


A) Roman Catholic conquistadores from Spain.

B) the Aztec amelioration.

C) the Inca amelioration.

D) the Mayan amelioration.

41) Which of the forthcoming Central American ameliorations was the pristine to eliminate rugged astronomy?


A) Mayan

B) Olmec

C) Teotihu

D) Aztec


42) Of the forthcoming African cities, which one is NOT believed to own followed a crop shape introduced from other refinements?


A) Kush

B) Aksum

C) Jenne-Jeno

D) Malindi


43) Jenne-Jeno:


A) was baseed environing 250 B.C.E.

B) was a colonization on the Yellow River.

C) did not answer to promise in occupation.

D) was pristine pitted in the existing twentieth era.


44) Superb dominance:


A) requires the use of unadulterated legislation to exact legislation.

B) is another engagement for superb hegemony.

C) has paltry result on the semblance of sedition by flat herds.

D) exists when legislationrs execute no seek to fabricate the subjection of subjugateed herds.


45) The Hittite sway was hardihooded:


A) on the preferconducive Nile.

B) in Anatolia.

C) in Palestine.

D) in Mesopotamia.


46) Which of the forthcoming was at unanalogous ends inferior by the Hittites and by the Mitanni?


A) Harran

B) Tarsus

C) Babylon

D) Nineveh


47) The Greek city-state:


A) normally had populations ample 100,000.

B) was kept mean by wars delay the Persian sway.

C) usually hardihooded on a unique city.

D) had collective legislations analogous to that of a propound delayin the United States.


48) The Persian Empire:


A) stretched its principal geographical adjust beneath Cyrus the Great.

B) abundantly subjugateed the Scythians.

C) failed to frustrate Greece at the engagement of Marathon.

D) oceantained itself through a adfitting of legislation unarranged the superior Middle East propounds.

49) Which of the forthcoming events supervenered pristine?


A) the Engagement of Marathon

B) the 2nd Peloponnesian War

C) the understanding of the Acropolis

D) the burning of Persepolis


50) Alexander the Great:


A) never managed to subjugate Egypt.

B) saw his sway sloth remove during the ultimate years of his activity.

C) unyielding subjugateed herds to deify Greek gods and goddesses.

D) normally firm through national hierarchies.


51) Which of the forthcoming explains why Alexander failed to push his sway as far as the Ganges in India?


A) He forthcoming a whiledrawaled the financial media to perfect the function.

B) His soldiers mutinied.

C) The Persian securitys thunderstruck his soldiers.

D) He died anteriorly he could stretch India.


52) Which of the forthcoming sways began as city-states?


A) Egyptian and Persian

B) Mesopotamian and Egyptian

C) Macedonian and Greek

D) Mesopotamian and Greek


53) The city of Rome was baseed in trenchly:


A) 753 B.C.E.

B) 241 B.C.E.

C) 509 B.C.E.

D) 405 B.C.E.


54) Carthage:


A) was however frustrateed by Rome, but was ardent an elevated lodge delayin the sway.

B) had paltry soldierly victory when Hannibal invaded Italy.

C) past all three Punic Wars.

D) lay adjacently 800 miles detached from Italy.


55) The Roman patron-client relationship:


A) defined a propound of correspondence betwixt the fragile and the robust.

B) applied vastly to the transaction sector.

C) undisputed for an trench harmoniousity betwixt herd of unanalogous tabulatees.

D) led to the end of the role of the paterfamilias.


56) The triumvirate formed in 60 B.C.E. did NOT include this man:


A) Crassus

B) Pompey

C) Tiberius

D) Julius Caesar




57) Rome’s armies:


A) required few courageous citizens to really tend in it.

B) were frequently made up in deal-out by men from subjugateed distributes.

C) were compensated for vastly by taxes on Roman citizens.

D) spent paltry end eliminateing new technology.


58) The opinion legislation of Rome:


A) prohibited pantheism.

B) did not grant any holidays.

C) incorporated Christianity delayin a few decades of the failure of Jesus.

D) hardihooded on the emperor as a god.


59) The Silk Road embodyed which of the forthcoming cities?


A) Sarapion and Asabon

B) Luoyang and Bactra

C) Antioch and Alexandria

D) Luoyang and Guangzhou


60) The gravitate of the Roman Empire:


A) did not supervene, according to most historians, until the Byzantine Sway was destroyed in 1453.

B) was due vastly to the disrupting wave of Christianity.

C) supervenered opposing cubic start aggravate the exposed 200 years.

D) was hastened by the actions of Germanic herds.


61) Confucius:


A) felt that some herd were born misfortune and could not be alterable.

B) was made a excellent rantyrant advisor to a Chinese superintend.

C) subsistd during the end of the Warring States.

D) had paltry ultimateing impression on the bias of legislation in China.


62) Daoism:


A) was exposed vastly to superintend propoundsmen.

B) is totally harmonious to Confucianism.

C) presents a detailed set of stately legislations to superintend community.

D) stresses a nearness to the cosmical universe.


63) The Manepoch of Heaven:


A) could grant a dynasty to legislation eternally.

B) was a individual god deifyped by emperors.

C) showed it was acquiescent by creating cosmical disasters.

D) blessed probconducive legislationrs.


64) Aggravate the mode of the Han dynasty, this ordain rose to the top of the gregarious and collective hierarchy:


A) generals

B) priests

C) scholars

D) merchants




65) Regarding economic prudence of the Han sway, it is penny that:


A) Confucians irrelative soldierly paraphrase in deal-out consequently it was so tall-priced.

B) the sway had to execute do delay what it had when it was baseed, past no new sources of affluence were descryed.

C) Emperor Wu cut taxes.

D) Han emperors refused to nationalize secret work.


66) The Tang dynasty:


A) made superior changes in the policies of the preceding dynasty.

B) despairing the superb Nursing essay legislation.

C) presided during a superior blossoming of Chinese poetry.

D) persecuted Buddhism.


67) Japan:


A) modeled its art on that of the southeast Asian islands.

B) trustworthy the cultural hegemony of China.

C) was scrupulous to haunt its borders barred to immigrants during its existing years.

D) was subjugateed twice by China.


68) The Aryan herds in India:


A) spoke a Semitic talk.

B) pristine arrived in the Indus lowering in 1000 B.C.E.

C) were expelled from the distribute by the Maurya dynasty.

D) formed collective ordainings indicated janapadas.


69) Which of the forthcoming was written pristine?


A) the Bhagavad-Gita

B) the Mahabharata and Ramayana

C) the Puranas

D) Sangam poetry


70) The Kushana:


A) were supporters of Buddhism.

B) invaded India fitting previous to the legislation of the Mauryan parentage.

C) left no artifacts traceconducive to the end of their legislation.

D) came from the Iranian plateau.


71) India’s “adivasis”:


A) usually subsist in the short-accessible areas.

B) own sometimes been conducive to avouch any anarchy.

C) farm some of India’s richest begrime.

D) are courteous vivid in primeval unvarnished registers.


72) Funan:


A) inferior merely a mean area environing the bunghole of the Mekong River.

B) encouraged Hinduism.

C) built Angkor Wat.

D) did not grant the wave of Buddhism into its region.





73) Asoka’s sway:


A) was not vivid in beneathstandn unvarnished registers until a descry encircling 100 years ago.

B) was aggravatethrown by barbarian invasions from the north.

C) expelled bulky Hindus.

D) middle the island of Sri Lanka.


74) The oldest creed stationary in experience is:


A) Hinduism.

B) Christianity.

C) Judaism.

D) Buddhism.


75) The deference legislation in India:


A) is officially sanctioned by the Rigveda.

B) has no union in the India of today.

C) does not agree for a soldier tabulate.

D) officially agrees for six deferences.


76) The Puranas centre lowest on this:


A) stories of gods

B) stories of goddesses

C) the heartfelt unprejudiced concepts of Hinduism

D) folk tales


77) Mahayana Buddhism:


A) never presented a relevant canvass to Theravada Buddhism.

B) believed in the bodhisattva concept.

C) took its call from the Sanskrit engagement for “lesser vehicle”.

D) argued there was no nature.



78) Hinduism and Buddhism were harmonious in all of the forthcoming aspects, except:


A) the adjust of deference they gave to brahmins.

B) their crop of divine talks.

C) their opinion in reincarnation.

D) their lodge of spring.


79) The Buddhist hardihood furthest from the standing of Buddha’s fair-dealing is lodged in:


A) Kandy

B) Bamiyan.

C) Kotabangun.

D) Edo.


80) Jesus’ most dignified manepoch was to:


A) dignity your senior and woman.

B) kindness your neighbor.

C) surrender to the bald.

D) kindness God.



81) Paul:


A) irrelative restraint in twain rule and experience.

B) sought to minor women in the meeting-house.

C) was JesusÆ most consecrated votary in the years previous to Jesus’ failure.

D) felt that married clergy were closer to God than unique clergy.


82) Which of the forthcoming Jewish ordains stayed adeal-out from politics and preached that the end of the universe was threatening?


A) Essenes

B) Sadducees

C) Pharisees

D) Zealots


83) Monasteries:


A) were, succeeding the Council of Nicea, exclusively for men.

B) were frequently lodged in courtly areas.

C) tended to be multifarious collective organizations.

D) usually contained members who were celibate.


84) In the eighth era, the measure of Islam into Europe was:


A) most speedy in Scandinavia.

B) most speedy in Italy.

C) stopped in southern France by Charles Martel.

D) of paltry inference for the Catholic Church.


85) Which of the forthcoming areas was NOT a superior area of ability for Roman Catholicism in the year 1200?


A) France

B) Kievan Russia

C) Gerbulky

D) Italy


86) Muslims start their flourish delay this event:


A) the origin of Muhammad.

B) the origin of Abraham.

C) the failure of Muhammad.

D) the epoch Muhammad moved to Medina.


87) Abu Bakr:


A) firm for adjacently 30 years.

B) was a plain descendent of Muhammad.

C) was the pristine caliph.

D) refused to use security to haunt fresh converts staunch to Islam.


88) The campaigns of Genghis Khan distant as far west as:


A) the Caucasus Mountains.

B) Kaifeng.

C) Ain Jalut.

D) Liegnitz.




89) Ibn Khaldun held all of the forthcoming views, except:


A) the merely differences betwixt Westerners and Easterners are cultural, not requisite.

B) tensions betwixt herds is frequently allied to tabulate.

C) wandering herds tended to subjugate courtly herds.

D) scholars are frequently the wisest legislationrs.


90) Use of the decimal legislation and the cipher was pristine exposed by the:


A) Indians.

B) Greeks.

C) Arabs.

D) Turks.


91) Anteriorly 1500 C.E., the principal deal-out of the change arrangement consisted of:


A) interpolitical occupation.

B) national transactions.

C) long-distance transactions.

D) medium-distance transactions.


92) West African occupation:


A) was biased vastly by sailing ship.

B) was hardihooded in Great Zimbabwe.

C) was subject upon the camel to liberate issue to Europe.

D) is unsparingly documented for the end from encircling 200 C.E. to encircling 700 C.E.


93) Succeeding the ninth era, Arabs granted the ocean trading embody betwixt East Africa and:


A) West Africa.

B) the Indian Ocean.

C) the Europe.

D) the Americas.


94) The primitive centre of Polynesian sailors was:


A) to plant an sway in the Pacific.

B) to plant a occupation legislation throughout the Pacific.

C) to lodge new lodges in which to quiet.

D) to perpend the Pacific Ocean.


95) The bubonic plague:


A) was circulate vastly due to the activities of the Mongols.

B) never stretched China.

C) had short result in Europe than in other lodges where the complaint struck.

D) is epidemic by flies.


96) The Annales ground of truth:


A) was calld for a Parisian cafaccent(e) trodden by French historians: the Cafaccent(e) des Annales.

B) published a register edited by historians for historians.

C) was hardihooded in the University of Paris.

D) emphasized an interdisciplinary advent to truth.


97) In the excellent Middle Ages, most European Jews:


A) subsistd voluntarily unarranged Christians.

B) sought to give-back to primeval Israel and Judea.

C) were forbidden to advance capital.

D) were frequently victoryful occupationrs.


98) Prince Henry the Navigator planted a hardihood for the con-over of navigation in ordain to:


A) restrain the eastern seaboard of Africa.

B) chart the oceans.

C) end Muslim restrain of the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

D) discaggravate new demesne.


99) Which of the forthcoming perpendrs was the pristine to clexisting own that

Columbus had NOT descryed a course to Asia?


A) Vasco Nutilde(n)ez de Balboa

B) Vasco de Gama

C) Amerigo Vespucci

D) Bartolomeo Dias


100) The sea trips of exploration and descryy:


A) were spearheaded by the thriving Italian city-states.

B) began delay Columbus’ descryy of America.

C) middle the pristine round-the-universe trip by Ferdinand Magellan in the pristine half of the sixteenth era.

D) were financed in vast deal-out by the Ottoman Empire.