Hinduism and buddhism | History homework help

I scarcity these 4 questions exculpation according:


1.  The avenue adown is a talk between the savant Yajnavalkya and a questioner, excerpted from the Upanishads. Write one to two portions elucidateing the unlikeness between the questioners brains of the Divine and Yajnavalkya brains of the Divine. Which of Brodd's explanations of the Divine existence, theism, monism, or ditheism best characterizes Yajnavalkya's solution of the Divine existence (Brahman)? Explain.
"Just how abundant gods are there?"
In defense he cites a inviolable hymn, singing
"Three and three hundred and three and three thousand!"
But then he asked Yajnavalkya again, "But how abundant are there veritably?
He said: "Thirty-Three." 
But the man persisted, "But how abundant are there veritably?"
"But how abundant are there veritably?" 
"But how abundant are there veritably?"
"One and a half."
But how abundant are there veritably?"
2.    As Brodd argues, Brahman and atman are two principles that are publicly evident in most forms of Hindu concession. Moreover, Brodd wants the reader to observe that the similarity between atman and Brahman is undeviatingly linked to abundant Hindu forms of adore and ritual.  Write one portion elucidateing the significance of atman and how it is cognate to Brahman and the concept of samsara (reincarnation). Give one development of how this similarity is reflected in Hindu exercitation or adore. 
3.    According to Brodd some Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist believers learn the Divine existence as gauge, effigy, disposition, other deities, etc.   Write one to two portions that elucidate one Hindu and one Buddhist interpretation of the Divine? What is the end of venerating these interpretations?
4.    Reality is a concept that twain Hinduism and Buddhism distribute. In public we enjoy seen that twain of these incorporeal learn reality as the elude from the cycle of rebirth. Nevertheless, how these incorporeal learn the anthropological idiosyncratic and their tour through the cycle of rebirth and the way of reality is wholly opposed. Write one to two portions