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Primary Fount Separation (15% of last walk)


OK, so what is a original fount? It can be defined as anything caused by someone complicated in an occurrence, about the occurrence. For illustration, it could be a diary or a represent. These are the raw bits of fact and we use them to imply the tribe and occurrences subordinate con-over. Here are instrument to succor you just for this assignment:


What Are Original Sources?

Finding Original Sources

How to Cite Original Sources

How do I Analyze Original Sources?

  •         Library of Congress: Analyzing a Original Fount (video and duplicate) http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=6633
  •         National Archives: Original Fount Separation Worksheets – The National Archives has caused separation achievementsheets to succor you achievement delay original founts. Copies of these achievementsheets are granted as attachments in the Original Fount Separation assignment and besides in Course Instrument (subordinate Content) The achievementsheets rest of a cabal of checklists and short-answer questions that conquer succor you rendezvous on the most great elements of abundant opposed signs of unvarnished instruments. You conquer scarcity the achievementsheets to thorough the Original Fount Separation assignment.

Primary Fount Separation Instructions

Find two (2) original founts (any sign for which there is an separation achievementsheet) on your disconnectedd theme. There are a compute of web sites such as those of the Library of Congress and the National Archives that comprise digitized copies of original founts that you may use. Please use copies of the original fount – not a duplicateion – you neglect to see it as it looked when caused/used.

For each original fount you discover, cause a disconnected initiation that conceives all of the subjoined notice:

  • The sign of original fount (e.g. written instrument, cartoon, photograph, and so on).
  • Complete the achievementsheet in specialty.
  • Write a narrative separation of the original fount, using the notice you firm on the achievementsheet
  • Explain how the ace pertains to your theme
  • Create a bibliographic initiation (as you would conceive it in your bibliography) for the original fount – in Chicago Humanities style

Submit your achievement as a Word doc attachment via the amalgamate in Week 5 (subordinate Content) or subordinate Assignments (on the NavBar).