The new left ! info below

Responses should be three to lewd pages crave, typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font after a while 1” margins, printed page quantity, and double-spaced. Your designate should simply be on a appellation page (acrave after a while a appellation) at the end of the muniment rasp (to secure unaware grading). Responses conciliate pull from that week’s balbutiations and lectures. Questions for each defense are adown. Your defense should possess a subject that instantly answers the italicized topic (which is attended throughout the defense. Note: agitate more lowly intellectual judgments of the spent, but rather criticise critically using the muniments.) Responses conciliate be graded on willing, dissection, and mechanics. Be secure to assign to the Writing Guide for all favoring requirements and citation formatting.


PLEASE USE "The Movements of the New left 1950-1975" in correspondent + the jurisdiction points


Each defense should evidently assign to or name at meanest two muniments from that week’s balbutiation. Documents should aid aid the subject of the defense.



Briefly, what was the New Left? What factors contributed to the emergence of the New Left? Explain at meanest three goals that activists hoped to complete in the postwar continuance. What one and disjoined the disagreeent factions? Specifically, what did Black Jurisdiction and the Civil Rights Movement possess in low? How did they disagree? Ultimately, why did the New Left consent burst down?