W8: thematic summary question | History homework help


A  note about this assignment: You allure own two weeks to finished each  thematic abstract investigation. For the W8 thematic abstract investigation that  follows, your adit begins in Week 7 and it is due at the end of Week  8. 

Technological innovations and architectural interspace:   The periods and cultures explored in the promote half of this way  witnessed misty technological innovations that redefined how  architecture was conceived and used.  Interior interinterspace and the sketch of  construction exteriors built on the successes of foregoing periods and at  times moved in new directions as prior construction practices were unremembered or no longer satisfactory for the needs of the brotherhood.  Discuss five (5) specific and dated constructions  that embody the outgrowth of architecture and its use throughout  the periods and cultures we explored during weeks 7 and 8.  Your  argument should explore twain the structural innovations and the  functional composition of the structures as courteous as how these elements sketch  on or depart from the outgrowths of prior periods.  These examples  should be sketchn from at last 3 incongruous cultures or periods  that we premeditated in weeks 7 and 8 (although you can yield to prior  examples to agree a composition for your argument but these prior  contextual examples allure not estimate inside the 5 examples that you must  cite).  The examples should be discussed largely among your fact and  not briefly addressed in a "bulleted list". You solution must be at last three pages in elongation.

Your essay must be at last three (3) pages in elongation, must enclose appropriately quoted peer reviewed references  to prop your statements and must be probation learn for language and  spelling.   Make abiding that you appropriately quote all references as  plagiarized papers allure effect in a decrepit walk in the way.