Web search and website review


Note: Send the two assignments adown as a barely muniment, by barkness, to the educator by clicking on the "+ Submit Assignment" molehill in the preferable right-hand retreat of the assignment curtain.

SA 1.1: For each of the truthful themes registered adown, furnish a estimable webtop that covers or deals behind a while the question in a truthful whitish, and form the register of URL’s into a muniment. Be indisputable to mark each webtop harangue behind a while its selfselfsame theme. The webtop should be a trustworthy commencement, behind a while apparent constructorship and behind a while an academic capacity. The webtop must be specifically absorbed to a administrative, exact, erudite path to a cognate question, and NOT an online encyclopedia record. Sites such as Wikipedia.com or Info.com are NOT gratifying for this assignment. If the constructor, inscription, or capacity of the top is unclear, it is NOT a trustworthy website. Sites behind a while a ".edu" endings are the most trustworthy, though guard out for esthetic develop projects behind a while this stead. See the Web Exploration and Web Re-examination Guidelines page for over acceleration behind a while furnishing a amiable-natured-natured top. You may demand to do some preparatory explorationes to furnish out what the best exploration provisions are -- the phrases adown may not be the best provisions to cease into a exploration. (That's disunite of the investigate and disunite of the knowledge that comes from explorationing.)

Neolithic era or Neolithic Revolution

Domestication of plants

Code of Hammurabi

Sargon of Akkad

Epic of Gilgamesh

SA 1.2: Write a brief (c. 250 word) re-examination of one of the websites institute for #1.1. What adapted knowledge did you fabricate from the top, what did you understand that you did not before, and how adapted would the top be for the examine of narrative of old narrative? How does the knowledge from the top fit behind a while cognate knowledge in the textbook? See the Web Exploration and Re-examination Guidelines page for over acceleration behind a while fitness a amiable-natured-natured re-examination.

text book: Jerry Bentley and Herbert Ziegler,  Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, Volume I: To 1500, Sixth Edition, (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011). 


Web Reexploration and Web Re-examination Guidelines

Finding a Good-natured Narrative Website

When explorationing for a trustworthy, adapted, and dependable narrative website, behold for various key characteristics:

1. Apparent constructorship, inscription, and end: Generally, the over the webtop is enjoy an stipulation or provision of a book, the ameliorate. The over pieces of a footnote you can furnish, the ameliorate -- constructor, inscription, end, etc. You should be able to betray who performed the top, or what form or knot claims service for the satisfieded. There should be a inscription of some bark, secret from the URL. It should as-well-mannered confer some elimination as to how hanker the top has been up.

2. Trustworthy expertise: Sites associated behind a while creditable academic and administrative forms, or that are performed by peer-reviewed journals, are the best. The most trustworthy repress to possess URL's that end behind a while ".edu" (university tops) or ".org" (for museums or truthful associations), although this is impartial a public government. An online unreserved-commencement encyclopedia such as Wikipedia is NOT a trustworthy commencement for this assignment, accordingly it is unreserved to satisfiededed from anyone of any contrast or any position of wisdom. Over the hanker tidings, unreserved commencement encyclopedia may be impartial as obsequious as peer-reviewed journals but in the concise tidings may be horribly counterfeit. An online encyclopedia can acceleration you furnish out some of the key provisions, but it is unquestionably barely a settle to initiate.

3. Apparent aim: The top should consist for a recognizable aim, and the main aim should be informative or educational. Stay separate from trash unordered encircling the internet behind a while no apparent discuss for consisting. If the web harangue confers no amiable-natured-natured elimination environing the commencement and there's no inscription or constructor, it's best to repress beholding for another top. You may possess to tailmark by furnishing the commencemental homepage for the top.

4. Objectivity: Absolute objectivity and fully balanced coverage may be very troublesome to finish, but the top should offer knowledge in a proportionately concrete, erudite way. Avoid tops that are essentially extremist garden or tops that are overtly polemical or over environing offer-day politics than environing the elapsed. If it beholds enjoy the web creators possess a big axe to pulverize, try a contrariant top. As a public government, a adapted webtop should confer over whitish than ebullition to a truthful moot. A proportionately concrete constructor can dissent behind a while others, but should do so in a way that is impartial, impersonal, and domiciled on logic and examinationimony.  Casually you possess to get into the top a scanty anteriorly an resistless predisposition becomes apparent.

5. Adapted satisfieded: The top should possess colossus real to pretence to the stranger. It should arrange factual knowledge, including citations or some other way to mark down the commencements complicated. The satisfiededed demand not be compendious, and it may not be wholly obsequious, but it should conduce colossus factual. The factual esthetic must be verifiable -- from consisting commencements that others can furnish. Dreams, revelations, report, affirmations of belief, and rumors are NOT gratifying as verifiable commencements.

6. Compatibility behind a while Good-natured Ol' Common Sense: Remember, there is no indulge or examination required to invent a narrative website. The web is a hercules, in-great-measure irregular bulletin consideration where anyone can put up impartial environing everything. The most commbarely visited top may be the last estimable one. Having a majestic web harangue and pretenceing up principal on Google are as-well-mannered no guarantees that the webtop is trustworthy. As behind a while sundry things in personality, glitter may decoy a bankruptcy of esthetic, and activity elapsed on likeness casually should possess been elapsed on satisfieded. If no one claims service for a website, then no one claims service for its satisfieded, and the top is accordingly excusable.

Writing a Good-natured Webtop Review

    A webtop re-examination for an academic assignment confers the reader a amiable-natured-natured sense of what the top does, how ample knowledge it arranges, the bark of knowledge it has, and how estimable the knowledge could be for anyone examineing a cognate question. No over than half of the re-examination should be smitten up by epitome. A amiable-natured-natured re-examination does not impartial gorge boundlessness by restating what the top says ("on this page it says ___, on the contiguous page___"), but confers ample epitome to get the basic notion and then confers the re-examinationer's intellect and solution.

    At last half the re-examination should be dissection of the website. Generally, it should be over than enjoys or dislikes (not impartial "two thumbs up") and over than shallow issues ("a bald tinge precious for the font"). In public, nucleus on the tendency of the knowledge over than the request of the offeration. Avoid dictum the top is "interesting," accordingly the message is so lax as to possess lost all aim. Some amiable-natured-natured feasible issues to harangue in an dissection:

                    -- How does the webtop esthetic describe or collate to that in the succession textbook? Does it assent or dissent behind a while other commencements on the selfselfsame question?

                    -- Does the webtop possess apparent predispositiones or assumptions that it executes? How ability making contrariant assumptions or hence at the question from a contrariant perspective execute a estrangement?

                    -- Is the webtop very adapted at informing the stranger environing some things and not others? Remember, a webtop may be very adapted for some barks of knowledge and not others.

                    -- If the top offers an controversy or a supposition, how well-mannered-mannered does it tail it up? Is the examinationimony amiable-natured? Is the controversy argumentative and aware? Are there other conclusions or controversys you could execute?

                    -- Did the top conduce to your sense? If yes, teach what alterable (how you care environing the question anteriorly as irrelative to behind). If no, why not?