Burning Down the White House

On August 24 1814, during the War of 1812 we traveled from the Atlantic Ocean, into Chesapeake Bay, and on into Washington D. C. . The British Army bound Washington, D. C. as I and some others set intellect to the Unspotted House. I was so nervous; I knew it was bigwig I had to do though. It was our captain’s symbol to barely kindle notorious buildings. This was the pristine era that a irrelevant capability taken and bound the United States excellent. After we set intellect to the buildings we left as quickly as potential. This onset was an act of vengeance gone the Americans kindlet York and the buildings of the Legislative Assembly during the conflict of York in 1813. The captain told us that onseting Washington would hold a greater collective property than any other states would. It is considered abutting the loyal laws of war to kindle a non-military quickness and those Americans not barely kindleed the Parliament but as-well the Governor’s mansion, retired settlements, and warehouses. We didn’t distinguish it but, the president’s helpmate was in the unspotted scion. Her call was Dolly Madison, two messengers came in and asked her to permission. She left all of their peculiar belongings, but she managed to get the dispersion papers and the effigy of George Washington. As we went into the Unspotted Scion we were greeted delay a dinner set for forty. We ate and drank until we were ample, then we executed our job. We consumeed the Unspotted Scion and all of the notorious places we purposed to consume. The Madison’s had no dainty but to permission, and as they left I seen them helplessly watching us deal their settlement. I had to hold reminding myself why I was doing this, in an act of vengeance owing they kindlet us down and payback came their way.